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Superior Spider-Man: Big Changes

Dan Slott sets up a huge summer full of changes for the Superior Spider-Man and his world!



By Jim Beard

Writer Dan Slott’s got plans. Big plans.

Superior Spider-Man #7 cover by Humberto Ramos

Those plans involve setting Spider-Man up for a sizzling summer in an event we could only call Superior Spider-Month. It happens this July, but the festivities really begin right now, in April, in the pages of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN issue #7 and #8. Big ideas, big changes and the biggest storylines around.

To get to the bottom of it all, we asked Slott some big questions: What should readers look for? What will the Superior Spider-Man’s relationships be like when the dust clears? What about Peter Parker? And did he answer them all? Read along and find out! Dan’s what’s going on right now in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN that’s laying the ground work for this summer?

Dan Slott: Everything lays ground work, everything. Don’t miss a single issue. But anything in particular that readers should really concentrate on or look at and know that this it’s going to lead into July’s Superior Spider-Month?

Dan Slott: Right now we are having a two-parter that involves Cardiac and the Avengers, after a couple things that Spidey has done have gone public. The Avengers are starting to go heeeeey, that doesn’t feel like Spider-Man, what’s going on here, what is this? And even other people are starting to tweak to it too. And we’ve seen Spider-Man act weird in the past, we’ve seen him lose his cool, and smash up people like Firelord, and when he thinks he is going to kill the Lizard. You know, we’ve seen him lose it at times, and at no point does anyone go “Spider-Man you’re losing it. Someone must’ve swapped your brain.” You know, it’s not the first thing you jump to. But people are starting to get a little, “Eehhhhhhh, something’s weird. Something’s going on.” Who else might be thinking something’s up with Spidey as we go into the summer?

Superior Spider-Man #14 cover by Humberto Ramos

Dan Slott: Well, we’ve already seen [it in] the villain community and the criminal community. Words spreading fast that if you mess with Spider-Man, he messes you up. We’ve already seen in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #4 when Spider-Man is swinging over to stop some crooks, White Rabbit and their gang, and everybody just immediately throws up their hands. Because “Well, we’ve heard you are going all Punisher and Wolverine on us. You know, we give up.” So already the underground has taken notice.

And we know that Carlie Cooper, she pretty much had it all laid out for her on a platter. She’s not out there going “Spider-Man’s weird,” she’s going “I think he might be Doc Ock.” So we’ve seen Carlie in the past when she’s been trying to figure things out where she really dots her t’s and crosses her i’s, [but] she can’t just walk up to the Avengers or Mayor Jameson and go “I think there’s been a mind swap.” It’s just so ludicrous. She better have all her information, she better have a lock solid case. Glad you mentioned Jameson. There’s some big stuff coming up with Jonah in the book; how is that dynamic going to change, or evolve?

Dan Slott: Right now, you know, Jonah has completely flipped over to Spider-Man’s side. Black is white, white is black, cats and dogs living together—it’s crazy. And with this more brutal Spider-Man, who is really cracking down on crime, Jonah is respecting him. Jonah is living in his New York as Mayor where he’s lost his wife to the Spider Slayer. He’s seen a woman who is like a daughter to him, Betty Brant, mugged. He’s adopted a zero tolerance policy to crime. And now he’s sees Spider-Man, who has all this great power and a very different sense of responsibility, who is very much in line with how he sees the world, how Jonah sees the world. And he’s really warming to this guy. That’s going to come to a head in “No Escape,” beginning in May’s SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #11, right?

Superior Spider-Man #8 cover by Humberto Ramos

Dan Slott: That’s when you are going to finally see the Spider Slayer answer for his crimes, for killing Marla Madison. J. Jonah has been waiting for this day to come. And Spider-Man and Jonah end up on the Raft?

Dan Slott: Yes, Jonah in recent issues—whether or not he has the authority to do this as the mayor—wants the Raft closed. Because the Raft, when you think about it, is this criminal dumping station right off of Manhattan. And guys break out all the time, and then bam, they’re in Manhattan. And all that makes it very easy for us Marvel writers. But it’s very silly, if you have any kind of political sway in New York, to go yeah, we want this thing. We want this thing right here. Right off the tip of Manhattan. That’s great. So Jonah has been pushing real hard, calling in whatever favors he can to get the Raft closed down, locked up and just done. So we are going to see a story in the last days of the Raft. With people like Jonah Jameson in his corner, is Otto becoming more confident, more comfortable in what he’s doing?

Dan Slott: Otto is always comfortable with what he’s doing. Otto Octavius is always correct. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He is superior in every way. What can you say about the dynamic between Peter and Otto? About what’s going to happen there?

Dan Slott: Well, we’ve already seen a sneak preview in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #7 when Doc is asleep; Peter has been practicing and he’s been gained control of the right hand. Uh-oh. Stuff is going on. Peter is ramping up the fight. He’s sick of just being the whiny ghost that no one can hear here. He’s starting to fight back.

Superior Spider-Man #9 cover by Marcos Martin So things will be escalating on that score?

Dan Slott: Everything ramps up. And come SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #9 there will be a massive change in the status quo of the book. A massive change, a game-changing issue. Speaking of game-changers, looks like the Green Goblin returns in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #10...

Dan Slott: Yes, we saw the Green Goblin in #4; we will see more of him. We have not yet seen who is under the mask. Will whoever he is be a part of Superior Spider-Month this summer?

Dan Slott: You are going to have to wait and see. But you will see more of the Goblin. And more of what the Goblin is doing. We know that there is so much that you can’t say, but what in general are you really excited about, coming up to the summer?

Dan Slott: In SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #14 there will be new allies, a new look, and an all-new agenda. What is Superior Spider-Man doing? Why is he doing that? We have never seen a Spider-Man in any continuity ever do that. Yeah. Everyone just suddenly got very shocked in #5 and when Chris Eliopoulos was lettering it his son walked into the room and saw the art and he just yelled out, “Spider-Man doesn’t do that!” Well, here’s something else in #14 that Spider-Man doesn’t do. And he’s doing it. There are no limits anymore?

Superior Spider-Man #10 cover by Marcos Martin

Dan Slott: Change your expectations. Everything that you think Spider-Man can’t do? That’s off the table.

I could not stop smiling while I was writing [issue #14]. It’s the issue where everything explodes, explosions and craziness and we literally change the face of the New York of the Marvel Universe.

Going forward from there, expect to see more of the Goblin, and we promised Spider-Man 2099, so you will get Spider-Man 2099. And we have carefully created a world where the Flash Thompson Venom has yet to really meet and fight Spider-Man. There have been little tiny blips, like in the pages of VENOM right when it was kicking off and in one of the Carnage minis. But for the most part these two characters have been kept at a distance. Even when both guys were on different Avengers teams, they didn’t really cross paths. Even in Spider Island, where both greatly affected each other’s stories they never really met. We are going to put it front and center; the two will come face to face.


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