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The Big Red Monster of WWE talks about his team with Daniel Bryan, pitting Thor against Hulk and more!



Kane (photo courtesy of WWE)

Photos courtesy of WWE

By James Viscardi

Since making his debut in 1997, Kane has been a fixture of WWE, winning multiple championships and carrying on epic feuds with the likes of his brother, the Undertaker, and other legends and rising stars.

This Sunday at WrestleMania XXIX, “The Big Red Monster” steps up on the biggest stage of the year, aligning with his tenuous partner in Team Hell No, Daniel Bryan, to put their WWE Tag Team titles on the line against the tandem of Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. got Kane’s thoughts of the match, his WrestleMania experiences, plus who from the Marvel Universe he’d like to take on and more. WrestleMania is the biggest event for you guys. As someone who’s been in quite a few of them, what excites you the most about it?

Kane: It really is everything we say it is as far as being an enormous show and an enormous extravaganza. The whole week is awesome. We do WWE Fan Axxess in the week leading up to WrestleMania, which this year will be at the Izod Arena right next to MetLife Stadium. It has all sorts of things that people can go to: autograph sessions, they can emulate the entrances of their favorite Superstars, question and answer sessions. Just all sorts of stuff, and that’s really cool. I mean even from my perspective as a wrestling fan—as a WWE fan—that’s really cool. So whose entrance are you going emulate when you get to Axxess?

Kane: [Laughs] My own. I’m an expert at it!

Kane (photo courtesy of WWE) Let’s just hope there are high ceilings! I’ve been to a live event—I know how high those flames go. But getting back to Mania, what else about the entire weekend and experience stands out as highlights for you?

Kane: Well, Saturday night before WrestleMania, we’ll have the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which is really cool. And it’s one of those deals, too, which has grown. At first it was super intimate, you know? It was only like 2,500 people. But now, its 15,000-20,000 which is insane! And then what’s really cool about WrestleMania is the fact that it’s become such a big deal now that the entertainment world is focused on us and a lot of the sports world is as well for that weekend and for that day, and that makes it really special. It is the biggest show we do all year, so I remember last year even walking around the stadium before the show—the scale of WrestleMania is unbelievable. It’s like nothing that I’ve ever seen. I mean we’re out there in a stadium that will seat tons of thousands of people—80,000 people. I could only imagine what walking out to a crowd like that is like...

Kane (photo courtesy of WWE)

Kane: Yeah, but even before the show it’s intense. To put it into perspective, last year a few hours before the show, they were putting the final touches on the stage and the ring and everything and I have some friends who weren’t necessarily WWE [fans]—but of course they follow because of me—[and] they didn’t understand how big a deal WrestleMania was. So I took a couple pictures of the stage and of the ring with the canopy above it and all this stuff. And I didn’t want it to go anywhere, so I waited until doors were open. And I texted it to them, and I’m like “Ok, you know, this shows you how big this whole deal was. Oh, and by the way, those little blips you see on the stage? Those are people.” That’s a great way to make your friends jealous.

Kane: It really is. It’s just amazing. And I can’t pinpoint one thing. I mean, of course performing is great, but the whole weekend and the atmosphere that surrounds it, for me, as a fan of WWE, is really cool, and of course as a WWE Superstar it’s the ultimate coolness. So let’s talk a little bit about your match at the show. You and Daniel Bryan are putting your WWE Tag Team titles on the line against Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. You’re no stranger to tag bouts but what’s it like partnering up with Daniel Bryan? Do you have any favorite things about teaming with him?

Kane: No, there are no favorite things. Everything’s really bad. It’s terrible! He’s self-centered, he’s an egomaniac, he has a horrible beard no matter what anybody else says about it—everything! He always messes everything up, I always have to go in and clean it up.

Kane (photo courtesy of WWE)

He’s single-handedly destroying whatever remains of American fashion. I mean I do [appearances] with Daniel, and people say, “I think your beard’s really great, and I’m trying to grow one just like it.” The last thing we need [is] people walking around with Daniel Bryan beards. And of course, some women think he’s really manly with the beard. And all this is doing is feeding the fire, which is going to consume everything. It’s very destructive. It’s terrible.

But on the other hand, I’ve had a lot of fun doing stuff with Team Hell No because I’ve never really done anything like this in my career. Everything else has always been very serious in a lot of cases—very dark.

And this reminds me in some ways of DX because DX was so entertaining outside the ring with the stuff that they do. But then of course Triple H and Shawn [Michaels] and the other guys who were involved at various times, they were all great wrestlers, too. So you get the entertaining stuff outside the ring, but then you had the serous in-ring work.

And I think it’s the same with Daniel Bryan and [me]. And the fact that we’re able to play off of each other and contrast. I’ve had other tag teams where we’ve contrasted with our in-ring style but never one to this extent where the whole thing was built around the contrast with our characters. Normally as a tag team you try to meld the characters together instead of trying to accentuate the differences between them. So if you were able to book an opponent using any character—whether it’s a hero or a villain—from the Marvel Universe, who would you go up against?

Kane: I think it would be Magneto and Professor X on the same team.

What If? #45 Nice. Then, if something terrible happened to both you and Daniel and you had to call in Marvel super heroes to take your place, who would it be?

Kane: Easy: Thor and Hulk, obviously. Thor’s my favorite character and years ago in [WHAT IF? #45], you had this really cool [story] where it was Thor versus the Hulk. This was still when Thor lost his hammer and he turned back into Donald Blake. So during the fight Hulk knocked the hammer away from Thor, and he couldn’t get it back. So just as Hulk was about to kill him because, you know, he’s the Hulk and full of rage, Thor being the better fighter than ended up breaking Hulk’s neck, and when he did, the Hulk turned back into Bruce Banner. So at the end of it all Thor’s like, oh yeah, your life really sucks.

I mean you take those two powerhouses, and you’ve got an automatic win. WrestleMania is known for its moments. Every single year there’s one that stands out, and there are always ones that people look fondly back on. Who in the Marvel Universe do you think would provide the quintessential WrestleMania moment?


Kane: It would either be Captain America because he would overcome whatever odds were in front of him, or it would be Tony Stark and Iron Man because he would make sure everything’s built around him. I have one last question for you before I let you go. If you were to plan a dream WrestleMania match that was you against someone else in the Marvel Universe, who would you want to go up against?

Kane: Galactus, because [he] is sort of like Marvel’s version of Andre the Giant. Man, that has WrestleMania moment written all over it.

Get ready for WrestleMania XXIX, beginning at 7 PM EST on Sunday, April 7—visit for more information!

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