Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron: The Survivors - Wolverine & Captain America

Brian Bendis compares two heroes with different philosophies to winning the ultimate battle!



By Brett White

The world lies in ruins, crushed beneath the adamantium heel of Ultron. Every city has become a warzone with robotic sentries destroying every living thing that comes across their dispassionate gaze.

And what about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? They’ve already been defeated. With their ranks thinned a distressing amount, the heroic stragglers have banded together to plan one, final assault to end the Age of Ultron.

The remaining heroes of New York City have found themselves under the guidance of Wolverine and Captain America, two natural survivors. But their commonalities end there, as the events of AGE OF ULTRON #5 drive a wedge between the two leaders. Now they find themselves confronted with two different routes, each one highlighting exactly how far each will go to set things right.

The man behind AGE OF ULTRON, Brian Michael Bendis, goes into further detail about Wolverine and Captain America's choices. Wolverine and Captain America are both spear-heading the main group of heroes. These are two guys who have seen a lot. How does this compare to what they've seen before?

Brian Michael Bendis: Yeah, it's pretty bad. Captain America has been to World War II, but Wolverine has been to "Days of Future Past" and he's seen some [expletive] and remembers House of M. So there's stuff that he's been through, but we're certainly dealing with war-torn characters that are at their wit's end and what AGE OF ULTRON #5 shows are two possible solutions to getting [the world] back [to normal], and Captain America and Wolverine each choosing a different path. Wolverine keeps finding himself in these dichotomies.

Brian Michael Bendis: It's funny because Wolverine was even brought into Avengers to be the guy who was going to make the tough decisions when no one else can. And he knows that's his role in life. "Okay, I'm the guy that has to do the thing." Right. So he knows it, and he also knows that some of these other heroes want him to do it even though they're protesting. Someone do this thing that I can't do.

In issue #5, they get to the Savage Land, and Nick Fury is alive and in this bunker that he created way back when, and it's filled with weapons and things. You know, he's stock piling armors and weapons and he's got a time cube. So they could take the time cube and go to the future and face Ultron head on. And Wolverine's like, "Or we could go into the past and cut off Hank Pym's head."

Captain America takes a team and goes to the future to fight [Ultron] head on; Nick Fury, Red Hulk, all the big powerhouses, leaving Wolverine and the others behind. Wolverine then, as soon as Captain America leaves, gets in the time cube and goes "alright, I'm going to go kill Hank Pym" and the others are like "what are you talking about?" He goes, "I'm not asking permission, I'm doing it." And that's how we leave the end of issue #5.

So we will see Captain America's results and Wolverine's results in issue #6. And now the people will see the future stuff being drawn by Brandon Peterson and the past stuff, which takes place in the Marvel 1960’s, around issue #50-something of AVENGERS, will be drawn by Carlos Pacheco. So we are in two different time periods and those will both be illustrated with a very strong and purposeful voice.

And I would even argue that, why would Captain America leave Wolverine alone with a time cube when he said "I am going to go back and kill Hank Pym" unless he was on some level okay with it. That's a great twist!

Brian Michael Bendis: I blew your mind, I can hear it! What's cool about this is that the whole first half of this story has been a disaster movie of epic proportions. And now, there's just this giant shift in tone of what kind of story this is, as it becomes this time travel, power and responsibility piece that I'm very excited about. Right now there seem to only be a handful of mutants: Wolverine, Emma Frost, Quicksilver and Storm. I'm assuming you know what happened to all the other X-Men? How much survivor's guilt is Wolverine carrying?

Brian Michael Bendis: Yeah I mean he's the principal of a school that I would imagine is gone. Emma Frost has already lost so many students before.

Brian Michael Bendis: Exactly. I think this is the first time that she's happy that her powers are broken.

Get caught up on AGE OF ULTRON, get issue #6 now, and come back tomorrow as Brian talks Luke Cage and She-Hulk!

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