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Marvel Remembers Robert Morales

Looking back at the Truth and Captain America writer.

By Jim Beard

Marvel Comics pauses to reflect on the untimely passing of writer Robert Morales, a man whose dedication to diversity widened and deepened the history of the Marvel Universe.

A native New Yorker, Morales, along with his creative partner artist Kyle Baker, crafted a landmark limited series in 2003 called TRUTH: RED, WHITE & BLACK. The series told the theretofore-unknown tale of the first Captain America, Isaiah Bradley, an African American man who found himself part of an early experiment to perfect the Super-Soldier Serum later given to Steve Rogers. Morales’s attention to historical authenticity—applauded in a New York Times op-ed—and his eye for writing to Baker’s unique artistic talents brought the story a pathos and gravity unheard of in a Captain America story before that time,

TRUTH: RED, WHITE & BLACK proved a success and Morales’ paean to diversity will be remembered as a moment in comics’ long history that spanned a divide between not only fans but also creators and characters.

Robert Morales went on to write several issues of CAPTAIN AMERICA and also worked as a journalist in the entertainment world for such magazines as “Vibe,” for which he also acted for a time as Arts Editor. Morales passed away in his home in Brooklyn, a steadfast friend and a talented, insightful author.




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