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C2E2 2013

C2E2 2013: X-Factor

Peter David discusses bringing his epic run on the mutant detectives of Marvel to a conclusion!

By TJ Dietsch

All good things must come to an end. 

Peter David's epic run on X-FACTOR will come to a conclusion with "The End of X-Factor," a story kicking off with June's issue #257 and concluding in September with #262.

X-Factor #259 cover by David Yardin

Known for long tenures on titles like INCREDIBLE HULK, David wrote 20 issues of the original X-FACTOR series between 1991 and 1993. He returned with the MADROX limited series in 2004 which lead into an all new ongoing in 2005. Most creators don't return to a comic after 11 years, but the writer explains that he enjoyed how the personalities of characters like Madrox, Shatterstar, Strong Guy, Rictor and the rest worked off one another.

"It was such a joy having them learning to work and live together," he explains.

David goes on to say that the end point for X-FACTOR came about thanks to natural story progressions:

"It just seemed the right time. ‘The Hell on Earth War' was so huge that it was as if everything I'd been doing had led up to it. When you've reached a dramatic natural climax, that's the place to stop."

X-Factor #260 cover by David Yardin

As the clock ticks down on X-FACTOR, expect every cast member to get the spotlight for a time before the final issue.

"It will be a series of one-issue stories each focusing on one or two characters, trying to give each of them a decent conclusion," David says noting that he will wrap up as many mysteries as he can before the series' final bow.

When asked about specifics like whether Layla Miller and Madrox will have a happy ending, the writer responds with a simple "Read it and see."

Looking at his X-FACTOR stint as a whole, David explains how this run differs from something like his 12 years writing the Hulk.

"It was my most extensive work in the mutant-verse," he notes. "If nothing else, it made it interesting from a fan point of view because the mutant-verse fans are the most enthusiastic—and also demanding—in comics. So I feel like my work was being highly scrutinized."

Fans of David's work take note: while this might be the end of X-FACTOR, it won't be the end of his creative efforts at the House of Ideas. The writer remains cagey about his next project, but did say that he has one lined up adding, "I hope you'll all be there for it."

For complete coverage of Marvel at C2E2 2013 all weekend long, head to marvel.com/c2e22013!

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