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See Spider-Man & Scarlet Spider Reunite

This summer, Chris Yost brings Peter Parker and Kaine back together in Sibling Rivalry!

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 cover by Paolo Rivera

By Josh Wigler

The Scarlet pride of Houston makes his way back to the Big Apple this summer.

In August, writer Christopher Yost returns Kaine Parker to the streets of New York City in a two-part story called Sibling Rivalry, playing across SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM UP #2 and SCARLET SPIDER #20. The story sees the prodigal webslinger checking in on the man he believes to be his “brother,” Peter Parker; however, we know that Doctor Octopus, a man once killed by Kaine, has seized control of Peter’s body as the Superior Spider-Man.

Making matters even more complicated, the Jackal, Kaine's maker, will appear with a purpose yet to be revealed.

To learn more, Marvel.com spoke with Yost about what fans can expect from the Superior crossover, and how things will never be the same for the Scarlet Spider again.

Marvel.com: Kaine has been fighting crime and saving the day in Houston for quite a while now. What brings him back to New York?

Christopher Yost: A couple of different things. In the story just previous to this, the Assassin's Guild had come after Kaine and his friends in Houston, forcing him to [agree to] kill Wolverine. So the Scarlet Spider goes up to the Jean Grey School in upstate New York to handle that business. Once that story wraps up, he decides to check in on his "brother," Peter Parker [the man Kaine was cloned from], because he had seen on the news all of that stuff about Spider-Man taking out Screwball and Jester in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #6, just violently beating up these two fairly harmless villains. He decides he's going to check in. It's been a while since Kaine's talked to Peter, so he decides to see what's happening there.

Scarlet Spider #20 cover by Ryan Stegman

Marvel.com: We know that it's actually Doc Ock swinging around as Spider-Man, wearing Peter's face as a mask of sorts. Up to now, he's done an admirable job avoiding detection, even if he's had his close calls. But if anyone can sniff him out, Kaine could easily be the guy to do it. On top of that, Ock has history with Kaine; he has a score to settle. When these two collide, can we expect to see their true colors emerge fairly quickly?

Christopher Yost: You might! I would say within the first five pages of them meeting, the Superior Spider-Man throws Kaine out a window. So… [Laughs] But you're right. Up until now, Ock has done pretty well at hiding in Spider-Man's skin. No one has caught wind of it. Everybody knows something's different, but it's more like an attitude change, or an evolution in thinking. "He's grown up! He's tougher!" But with Kaine—Ock and Kaine do have a history. I think for the first time, you're going to see something very different out of the Superior Spider-Man.

Marvel.com: There are more than a few threads in common between Kaine and the Superior Spider-Man. But one of the threads I find most interesting is that these are two people who are not traditionally thought of as heroes, but are now attempting to be so. Whether or not that's working out, that's another story. Is that part of the appeal to you, that Kaine and Ock are both trying to be good guys, against all odds?

Scarlet Spider

Christopher Yost: Absolutely. As much as Ock is living a lie here, as much as he is a villain, based on what Peter Parker did to him—by giving him his memories and experiences, everything he learned—Ock really is trying to be a hero. He's just doing it in the most super-villainy way possible. And Kane, he was a super-villain and was a killer. He had a horrible life where he tormented and hurt people. Now he has a second chance at life, and now he's trying to be a hero. You have these two people who, at their core, were pretty bad people, and now they're trying to act like heroes—and basically failing. And in this instance? They're both going to fail pretty badly.

Marvel.com: We also know that Jackal has a role in Sibling Rivalry. What can you tell us about the part he plays in this?

Christopher Yost: The Jackal interrupts this great confrontation between the Spiders. In AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #16, you saw that he's up to something. He raided Mister Sinister's genetic warehouse and he created some kind of mutant-spider hybrid. This is the next step of that plan. He's coming after Spider-Man for mysterious reasons.

Marvel.com: Houston has been the home of SCARLET SPIDER for quite a while now. Now, Kaine's back on the streets of New York. How does that return to NYC affect Kaine?

Christopher Yost: It's kind of fun. In a sense, Spider-Man is New York. New York is such a big part of Spider-Man as a character. But it's fun to have the Scarlet Spider in New York, because he hates New York. Nothing good has ever happened to him there. It's a reminder of why he left. Once again, he's going to New York, and some monumentally bad things are going to happen. This experience won't change his mind about the Big Apple.


Marvel.com: Looking even further down the line, the solicitation for SCARLET SPIDER #21 promises that "everything has changed for Kaine" following the events of Sibling Rivalry, and that he's about to cross paths with none other than Ben Reilly. What more can you say about what the end of this story means for SCARLET SPIDER going forward?

Christopher Yost: The last page of Sibling Rivalry really changes the game for Kaine. Something happens—I mean the entire series is based on the fact that this is a guy who has a second chance at life. Sometimes, second chances can be taken away. This is where SCARLET SPIDER has been building to for basically the entire series. You're going to see everything kind of implode. You think you've seen bad things in Kaine before? You haven't seen anything yet.

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