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Marvel Safari: Punisher War Journal

A tour of the super villain zoo Kraven has created in PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL

cover by
Ariel Olivetti

By "Crocodile" Eric Drumm G'day, mates! PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #15 finds ol' Frank Castle up to his murderously grumpy ears in animal-themed villains as the new Kraven has set up a super villain zoo! With that in mind, we've set up a safari of Marvel's most dangerous wildlife featured in the issue for you Yanks-so keep your hands on the keyboard at all times and do not feed the animals!

The Rhino

Rhino As dumb as he is strong, this bloke has a thick hide grafted to his body, and can shake off everything from bullets to rockets. Commonly knocked around by the likes of Spider-Man, this dolt even got buggered by Deadpool who shrunk him down to a wee size! Don't let his idiot brain fool ya-he'll gore ya with his giant horn if he gets the chance, so if he starts chargin' you best get out of the way! You can usually find him in major cities robbing banks or being hired and then usually failing to kill geezers for a hefty fee.

The Vulture

Vulture 'Ol Vulchy may look old enough to be me grandfather, but he'll snatch you up right fast. His flying harness allows him to fly and increases his strength, so you won't have a fair go against him on the land or in the air. He may be starting to fade away in his old age, but don't count him out just yet. Keep your peepers on the New York skyscrapers for a glimpse of this dodgy dag.

Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark A bit of Namor's blood goes a long way for this bloke. Part man, part Atlantean, part shark and all mean. He got his gills and razor sharp teeth from an experiment with the Sub-Mariner's DNA as well as a shark's, hence the name! He's got super strength and can swim with the best of 'em, but like Namor he loses his bite if out of water too long. He occasionally heads to the surface to work for bums like the Hood, but still manages to raise hell mostly in the sea. Make sure you bring your bathers to catch a peek at this one.


Mandrill Monkey boy here has the appearance of a great ape, but lacks their animal charm. He compensates by using his pheromone powers to get women to do his bidding, so an army of gorgeous birds follows him everywhere he goes. This beastie has tried to take over parts of Africa in the past, but fouled it all up time and time again. When facing Mandrill, you can be sure that there will be plenty of wee girls standing in your way and they'll all be tryin' to kill ya. He usually drags his knuckles around super prisons, so look for him there. Be careful out there, mates! Some of these critters will take a bite outta ya right quick! See what the Punisher does with Kraven and his carnival of crooks in PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #15 by Matt Fraction with art by Corey Walker on sale January 9. Also, check out the first issue of PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL, the first appearance of the original Kraven and much more with Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

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