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Fightin' Fanboys: Austin Aries of Impact Wrestling

The former World Champion discusses going after more gold at Slammiversary, his similarities to Tony Stark and much more!



Austin Aries (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

Photos courtesy of Impact Wrestling

By James Viscardi with Ben Morse

Teaming with fellow former World Champion Bobby Roode, Austin Aries represents one of the most talented teams in the history of Impact Wrestling. However, while the Avengers may bicker from time to time, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have nothing on Aries and his partner when it comes to warring egos.

Bickering aside, Aries and Roode will attempt to once again combine their gifts to recapture the World Tag Team titles at Slammiversary on June 2, available on pay-per-view. As “A Double” heads down to the road to Boston, Massachusetts, we caught up with him to look back on the biggest year of his career, scout possible future opponents, plus talk Iron Man, Avengers and more.

Austin Aries (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling) This year has been huge for you. You became World Champion and one of the top stars at Impact Wrestling. What have been some of the highlights?

Austin Aries: Well, obviously, the World Championship would be the highlight of anyone’s career. But I think the whole journey in general and also where it’s going to continue to go in the next couple of years. I’m appreciative to get to go on the stage, to go out there and do something I love to do. At Slammiversary, four teams will be competing for the World Tag Team titles: the current champs, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez, you and Bobby Roode, Bad Influence, then James Storm and a mystery partner. What advantages do you think you have?

Austin Aries (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

Austin Aries: We were mentally prepared to have three teams in there, now they’re going to throw a fourth in. Something me and Bobby Roode, talk about: we’re not necessarily the World Tag Team Champions, but we’re a tag team of World Champions. Both Bobby and I know what it’s like to carry the top prize in the company. We know the pressure that’s associated with that and we’ve both thrived in that, so I think that’s an advantage we have. Any time you throw three other teams in there, it just kind of creates a situation where there [are] so many different factors concerning what can happen, but hopefully we can play against each other and find an opportunity to become successful. Any guesses at who James Storm’s partner is?

Austin Aries: You know what, I’ve had my people doing some research, some reconnaissance, and I think, believe it or not, it’s a guy from his local bar. His name is Coyote Joe and he’s a tough hombre. He’s known to ride his bike drunk into parked cars, and that doesn’t really affect him. And then the other thing I heard is he doesn’t really have many teeth, so as far as knocking the guy’s teeth out, it probably won’t be much of an issue. I’m starting a game plan on Coyote Joe, so we’ll see when Storm unveils him if that’s who he goes with.

Austin Aries (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling) Is there anyone potentially that would concern you if they show up?

Austin Aries: Probably not more than Coyote Joe, because that guy’s like the unknown factor and it’s really hard to hurt people that are drunk. Slammiversary is being held in Boston this year. Is that a fun city to work in?

Austin Aries: Bostonians are passionate people. It’s a lot more fun to perform there than it is to navigate their street systems. I’ve gotten lost more than once in Boston, and it’s easy to do.

Obviously coming to Boston had a little extra meaning this year, and we can give them a night of entertainment.

Iron Man In a lot of ways, you’re not unlike Tony Stark, aka Iron Man: cocky and accomplished. Did you think you guys would get along?

Austin Aries: Sounds like my kind of guy, as long as he was willing to look me eye-to-eye and not be condescending to me. Sometimes you get a couple alpha dogs in the room and you can have a bit of a competition, but if he respected my talents, I’m sure I’d respect his and we’d get along swimmingly.

The Avengers Let’s say the Avengers were recruiting among the Impact roster—do you think you’d fit in?

Austin Aries: It depends what the pay would be. If I’m getting compensated to work with the Avengers, I think whatever egos would be there we could put aside for the common goal of making money and keeping people safe and sound.

Visit the official web site of Impact Wrestling for more information on Slammiversary—coming June 2—and follow Austin Aries on Twitter.

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