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Fightin' Fanboys

Fightin' Fanboys: Chris Sabin of Impact Wrestling

The returning X Division competitor shares his thoughts on Slammiversary, Spider-Man and more!

Chris Sabin (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

Photos courtesy of Impact Wrestling

By James Viscardi with Ben Morse

For a decade, Chris Sabin has been a mainstay of Impact Wrestling, winning the X Division title on multiple occasions and comprising one half of the legendary Motor City Machine Guns. However, for the past two years, Impact has lacked one of its favorite sons, sidelined with a variety of injuries.

On June 2 in Boston at Slammiversary, Sabin steps back up to the plate, challenging X Division Champion Kenny King in a three way contest also involving Suicide.

We spoke to Sabin about his comeback, competing with Spider-Man, his qualifications to be an Avenger and more.

Chris Sabin (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

Marvel.com: So you’ve been out for a bit; two years on the sidelines. What does it mean to come back to the stage as big as Slammiversary?

Chris Sabin: To me it means everything, especially something as big as Slammiversary, because I’ve been there for every anniversary that the company has had since their very first one. I might not have been physically at every Slammiversary, but I’ve been working with the company for [all of them], so it’s cool to come back and be a part of the company being around for so long.

Marvel.com: Did you make any adjustments in your time off to your training and your style?

Chris Sabin: Yeah, definitely. I tried to change everything up from the way I looked to the way I wrestled to the way I talked. I tried to give them something completely fresh. I have to change my wrestling style because physically I can’t keep up the pace I could do before. But, you know, you can get around that and still put on an entertaining match.

Chris Sabin (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

Marvel.com: Do you see any challenges transitioning back into singles competition, or are you just ready to go full fire?

Chris Sabin: Yeah, pretty much ready to go full fire. You know, it’s been 24 months since I’ve been here, really. I was back for about seven matches then put back [on the shelf] so I’m pretty much ready for anything at this point.

Marvel.com: Are you a big Marvel fan?

Chris Sabin: I just started getting the comics in the past couple months. Growing up, I watched the X-Men cartoons; I watched the Spider-Man cartoons, movies, video games, all that stuff. I had the X-Men characters as toys; I remember I had Wolverine and Cable. But I wouldn’t use them as X-Men. I’d actually use them in my little wrestling promotions.


Marvel.com: Let’s say you had a match against someone like Spider-Man. With your high flying abilities, how do you think you’d do?

Chris Sabin: I mean, I think I’d do pretty well. Two years ago, I definitely would have been a lot better because I could’ve maybe kept up a little bit. But I mean, it’d be hard to keep up with Spider-Man.

Marvel.com: You mentioned being an X-Men fan. Let’s say you were able to pick someone as a tag team partner, who from the X-Men do you think you’d team up with?

Chris Sabin: That’s a pretty tough one. I mean, Wolverine is a great wrestler because he has the healing factor, so he can take any bump whatsoever. You can pick him up and throw him, superplex him off the top rope on the stairs, and he’s able to heal himself, so he’d be a pretty mean wrestler.


Marvel.com: If you were to have any superpower, what do you think would be the best one to help you out in the ring?

Chris Sabin: It almost seems like the healing factor would be the best. Obviously, you know, we get beat up so much. Healing would be very good. I’m just going to go with that, because that’s the most logical one.

Marvel.com: Last one for you. Let’s say the Avengers came up to you and said, “Hi, Chris. We’ve got a spot open for you.” What can you bring to the table?

The Hulk

Chris Sabin: Wow. You know, someone’s going to have to train me, that’d be the first thing. If it’s just regular old me and the Avengers ask me to join them, I’d probably have to politely decline because I don’t have any kind of superpowers. I can’t hold a candle to Thor, Iron Man, or Hulk. Actually, maybe I’d ask Bruce Banner if he could hook me up and maybe become like the Hulk. Maybe he has a better formula now and I can keep it under control.

Visit the official web site of Impact Wrestling for more information on Slammiversary—coming June 2—and follow Chris Sabin on Twitter.

Tuesday, we talk with “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels!

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