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Fightin' Fanboys

Fightin' Fangirls: Gail Kim of Impact Wrestling

The original Knockouts Champion speaks out on Slammiversary, the Avengers and why she could be the Black Widow!

Gail Kim (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

Photos courtesy of Impact Wrestling

By Ben Morse

Like the Black Widow or She-Hulk when it comes to the Marvel Universe, Gail Kim has proven in the world of Impact Wrestling a woman can be every bit as dangerous as a man.

The first ever Knockouts Champion as well as the competitor to hold that title the longest, Kim has been synonymous with women’s wrestling for a decade. Coming up at Slammiversary on June 2 in Boston, she attempts to avenge several recent upset losses to rookie Taryn Terrell.

Speaking of avenging, we spoke with Gail not only about her upcoming match, but Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, her admiration for Marvel heroines and more.

Marvel.com: As a pioneer of the Knockouts division in Impact Wrestling and somebody who has been there through much of its history, what are some of your favorite moments, reflecting back as we head to Slammiversary?

Gail Kim (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

Gail Kim: I would say the highlight for me was the actual creation of the Knockouts division. My talent is in the ring. When [Impact Wrestling] first approached me, they said, “We have no women’s division.” I was really patient and I started managing, which I love doing as well, but I love wrestling. That’s my true love. I had to wait basically a year and a half and I was up their butts saying, “Hey, we need a women’s division. I want to wrestle.” And it was just every week to the point of them being sick of hearing me. So one day, they said, “We’re going to bring in 10 girls. We’re gonna create a title.” That was the highlight, for them to actually go ahead and start doing this. It just became a success overnight. We never thought that it would become so hugely successful. All the girls are so diverse: their looks, their talent in the ring. It was just a magical time. I think it was the best years of my career. Obviously, being the first Knockouts Champion, that will always hold a special place in my heart. Coming back here again—because I left for a couple years—coming back to some of the old faces and new faces. I just love performing for the fans and doing what I love, so those are the major highlights. And of course the Awesome Kong feud.

Gail Kim (image courtesy of Impact Wrestling)

Whenever I meet fans all over the country, the first thing they say is, “I love the thing you did with Kong;” that was years ago, and I think that we really made a mark on wrestling.

Marvel.com: Absolutely. Those matches were amazing; I still remember those.

Gail Kim: Yes, thank you. You know, I always said it probably took a year off my career because it was such a physical feud, but I would never take it back for a moment. I just loved every moment of it.

Marvel.com: At Slammiversary, you’re going to be taking on Taryn Terrell. You guys have got a hot little feud going on TV and you’ve lost to her a couple times. I wanted to know what adjustments you might be making going in to this match. How do you counter the fact that this rookie is beating you?

Gail Kim: I guess I took her maybe a little bit too lightly. I’m just gonna have my serious game face on for that match and I’ve got to bring it 100% like I normally do. I guess I didn’t expect her feistiness. She is, as they call her, a hot mess. Um, yeah. I’m just going to have my game face on that night.

Marvel.com: You said before we started recording you’re a fan of the Marvel movies. Which is your favorite?

Black Widow

Gail Kim: The last one I saw was “Marvel’s The Avengers” and I loved that. I love where all the super heroes come together. I love Iron Man and I love Robert Downey, Jr. And I love Scarlett Johansson’s role in that. I just love strong women, kickass women [like] the women who kick butt in [Marvel] movies. I love that. I think I could be [the Black Widow].

Marvel.com: You’ve been on the side of angels at times, other times not so much. If you were given the option, would you want to join the Avengers or battle against them?

Gail Kim: Oh my gosh, definitely [join]. That would be cool. You know, I may be a bad girl in the ring sometimes but I think I’ve got a good heart outside of the ring, so if I could beat the bad guys, I would definitely go for that.

The Avengers

Marvel.com: In a lot of ways, wrestlers are like real life super heroes, especially when it comes to your abilities like agility, strength, and so on. But if you could have one super power to help you in the ring and in life, what would it be?

Gail Kim: I’d want to be able to watch something and then duplicate it. I’d love to have that power.

Marvel.com: That’s a great answer, because if you could do that, you could do a bunch of other stuff, too.

Gail Kim: Oh yeah, definitely. I could do anything really, as long as I watch it.

Visit the official web site of Impact Wrestling for more information on Slammiversary—coming June 2—and follow Gail Kim on Twitter.

Tomorrow, we talk with X Division Champion Kenny King!

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