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Welcome Salvador Larroca to Uncanny Avengers

Rick Remender talks about bringing the acclaimed artist in for an issue focusing on the plans of Kang!



Uncanny Avengers #12 cover by John Cassaday

By Ben Morse

With Kang, the Apocalypse Twins, the Red Skull and more menacing the pages of UNCANNY AVENGERS, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes need all the help they can get, and will receive a potent reinforcement this September when CABLE & X-FORCE artist Salvador Larroca hops onboard to provide visuals for issue #12.

We spoke with series writer Rick Remender about how he’s working Larroca’s skills into his story, plus plans for the villains and more. What does Salvador Larroca bring to UNCANNY AVENGERS, following a string of other great artists like John Cassaday, Olivier Coipel and Daniel Acuna?

Rick Remender: A clean dynamic approach and the most important feature, acting. His acting sells emotion, and this issue is chock full of it. We’ve been discussing his approach to this stuff and I’m incredibly excited to see what he brings. When he started at Marvel I was out of mainstream comics for the most part but was compelled to follow his work after it grabbed me on an X-Men cover. He’s one of the best. How will this issue play to his strength and style?

X-Force vs. the Uncanny Avengers by Salvador Larroca

Rick Remender: The issue that he's working on right now has a lot of heart and a lot of crazy sci-fi stuff dealing with Kang, and Salvador is amazing at cooking up incredibly unique visions of technology in the future. I can't wait to see his Kang and his home. In juxtaposition to that we have some very textured and dirty moments in this issue in the Red Skull’s camps where we needed somebody who could convey the raw emotion that Salvador has such a grasp on. What do we need to learn about Kang and the Apocalypse Twins at this point in the story?

Rick Remender: We’re going to be getting a closer look at what Kang put the twins through. While the main story continues to move forward we’ll be taking a few looks into the distant future, and the not-too-distant future, to see what Kang did to ensure the Twins see humanity as the enemy. This will include the Twins time growing up in Ahab's concentration camps. How does Ahab get involved?

Rick Remender: Kang wants to ensure the twins see humanity’s vicious contempt for the mutants. In order to help accomplish this he dropped them off at a young age to spend a number of years in Ahab’s camps. Kang's motives for this will be revealed, so don't miss this issue.

The Uncanny Avengers chasing Hope by Salvador Larroca How did you select this assortment of villains?

Rick Remender: Kang has always been one of my favorites, Kurt Busiek’s AVENGERS really made me fall in love with him. And as I'm a big fan of writing science fiction time travel stories it was a no-brainer. Going all the way back to Fear Agent in 2005 that outline was built entirely upon a complicated time travel plot, and I found that that was the most fun for me to write. So being able to work Kang into this as a major player and have him monkey with the Apocalypse mythology fit my sensibility perfectly, especially given the Apocalypse and Rama Tut connection. The Red Skull’s use in this title was a suggestion Jeph Loeb made that worked out wonderfully. Skull is the perfect yin to the mutants’ yang. He wants to use mankind's hatred of mutants to rally the world behind him, to wipe out the mutants once and for all and be seen as a hero and a great leader by the masses of humanity. The story will continue to play out between these villains for some time; the ideas come so easily with such great characters. I could write these villains in their own title for a decade they're so interesting to me.

Kang Where are the Avengers in all this?

Rick Remender: Given that this issue is a good deal ahead of where we are at right now I don't want to give too much away. The twins have a plot to ensure the Avengers do not get in their way. We will see that plot unravel in UNCANNY AVENGERS #9-10. By the time we get to issue #12 and see where the team [is] at, well, things don't look super great for them.

Pre-order UNCANNY AVENGERS #9, coming June 19, then get set for Salvador Larroca to join the team with issue #12 this September!

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