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Blast into Infinity with an Exclusive First Look at Nova #8

Zeb Wells speaks about Sam Alexander taking on Thanos, as seen in a new cover by Ed McGuinness!

Nova #8 cover by Ed McGuinness

By Ben Morse

Having just barely begun to master his powers as Nova and understand the legacy he’s filling, Sam Alexander could use a nice slow couple months to get acclimated as a cosmic-powered hero operating on Earth.

Unfortunately for Sam, Infinity brings Thanos to his home planet beginning this August, and the erstwhile Human Rocket must rise to yet another challenge way over his head.

Writer Zeb Wells and artist Paco Medina take the reins of NOVA beginning with issue #6 in July, then will steer the book headfirst into Infinity beginning in September’s issue #8, which you can see puts Sam right at odds with a Mad Titan as demonstrated by Ed McGuinness’ cover.

“The fun of Sam’s character is he’s not really a quick study,” notes Wells. “He’s still a kid and he’s still figuring this out as he goes. I loved that about Jeph’s arc and I want to keep that going.

“Oh, and in case no one knows this, Paco is a master. I can’t wait for people to see his art from these issues.”

Nova #5 cover by Ed McGuinness

If Thanos seems like too big a challenge for this particular Nova to step up to at this point in his career, that could be the case. However, that won’t stop Sam from charging in, quips flying.

“Thanos is not so subtly trying to destroy the Earth,” explains Wells of the star-conquering villain’s objective. “Sam, as one of the few cosmic heroes still planet-side, figures he needs to step up to the plate.

“He reacts to Thanos the same way he reacts to all would-be conquerors: with derision and ridicule. Unfortunately Thanos isn’t going to take to that as well as some of the foes he’s met in the past.”

However, while that particular universal threat would be enough to keep even a seasoned pro busy, Sam must also content with other new acquaintances that could end up as either friends or foes.

Nova #7 cover by Ed McGuinness

“We’re actually going to be introducing a couple of new characters that spin directly out of Infinity, as well as bringing in a few characters from Richard Rider’s past who are drawn to the appearance of a new Nova,” shares Wells.

Additionally, the writer reveals one other player will be observing Nova’s actions with interest:

“Sam wouldn’t miss [this] for the world—even if the Watcher wasn’t there prodding him along.”

You can pre-order NOVA #5, out June 26, right now, then get ready for Zeb Wells and Paco Medina’s first issue in July and Sam Alexander’s entrance into Infinity this September!

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