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Tuesday Q&A

Wednesday Q&A: Christopher Yost

The writer of Scarlet Spider and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up talks about bringing his webslingers together!

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 preview inks by Marco Checchetto

By Jim Beard

The lead characters of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP—kicking off July 10—and SCARLET SPIDER don’t only have their genetic makeup in common, they also share a writer: veteran of comics as well as both big and small screen work for Marvel, Christopher Yost.

Come August, Kaine meets his “brother,” Peter Parker, for the first time since Doctor Octopus took the wheel of the webslinger’s mind, transforming him into a Superior Spider-Man. The Sibling Rivalry crossover will also feature the Jackal and perhaps a receipt for the erstwhile Scarlet Spider, who seemingly killed Doc Ock once upon a time.

We caught up with Yost to preview this family reunion that could go terribly wrong plus the launch of the new title and more.

Marvel.com: Chris, how will SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP be different from other Marvel team-up books that have come before?

Christopher Yost: This one will be superior! The format is similar, but everything has been turned upside down. This book is featuring Spider-Man, whose brain has been hijacked by Doctor Octopus, a villain trying to be a hero. His interactions with the rest of the Marvel Universe are not going to be the same as what we've seen with Spider-Man before. Everything is different.

Marvel.com: Will guest-stars be chosen for their strength of character or for the possibilities of their interaction with Ock-Spidey?

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 preview inks by Marco Checchetto

Christopher Yost: All of the above! Each of the guest stars will trigger something in Ock-Spidey, will make him deal with or confront something about his own personal situation; Peter Parker has done and seen a lot in the Marvel Universe, Ock not as much.  Spidey in space we've seen. Ock? Not really. Ock and magic, Ock and aliens, the list goes on and on. The characters we choose and the stories we tell are chosen to introduce these characters and elements to readers through a new, different lens.

Marvel.com: What’s the story in issue #1? How do you kick it all off with a bang?

Christopher Yost: It starts off with a punch, actually—the story in #1 is Spider-Man versus the Marvel Universe! Spidey has gone on a rampage against the super hero community, and the Avengers are forced to take him down.

Marvel.com: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #2 kicks off the Sibling Rivalry story that will segue into SCARLET SPIDER. What can readers expect after that?

Christopher Yost: After Sibling Rivalry in #2, there's a two-part Infinity crossover, followed by the big Sinister Six arc we've been building to since AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #17

Marvel.com: So, what are the plusses for you to swing Sibling Rivalry over into SCARLET SPIDER?

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1 cover by Paolo Rivera

Christopher Yost: Well, it benefits SCARLET SPIDER by hopefully bringing new readers over that way to get a glimpse at Kaine's world. But it was a unique opportunity to tell a story that was just dying to be told: Superior Spider-Man vs. Scarlet Spider

Punches are thrown quickly, and with good reason: Kaine killed Doctor Octopus. Doc wants a little payback.

Marvel.com: What form will Ock’s revenge on Kaine take? Can Ock conduct revenge and maintain a semblance of heroism as Spidey?

Christopher Yost: That is the very question Ock finds himself faced with. He wants Kaine dead really, really badly, but it might blow his cover. So what to do? A solution presents itself through the Jackal, but how far will Ock go back down the path of villain to get vengeance? 

Marvel.com: What role will the Jackal play in Sibling Rivalry?

Christopher Yost: The role of villain. Ba-dum-bump. 

Marvel.com: And…?

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 cover by Paolo Rivera

Christopher Yost: He's got a connection to both Kaine and Peter, and he's coming for them both—but not alone. He's got some allies that will surprise you.

Marvel.com: How might the "collecting" of the former Sinister Six in AVENGING SPIDER-MAN play into SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP?

Christopher Yost: Spider-Ock has a plan, and the end of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #1 gives us our first major hint as to what that plan is, for better or worse. Is Ock reverting to his old ways? 

Marvel.com: Over in SCARLET SPIDER#20, how will the two men put aside their differences? Is there any common ground at all between Kaine and Ock?

Christopher Yost: Who says they do? They find common ground, however. Kaine tried to kill Peter for years. Maybe it's Peter's turn. Plus, the Jackal has fairly sinister, painful plans for both of them. So they've got that in common. 

Scarlet Spider #20 cover by Ryan Stegman

Marvel.com: And it looks like there’s some Ben Reilly coming up in SCARLET SPIDER#21—what’s it like for you to work with such an infamous character? How do you approach him and his past?

Christopher Yost: I see Ben Reilly's character through Kaine's lens: the man that Kaine tortured and hounded for so long, the perfect clone of Spider-Man. The clone that Kaine wasn't. The true hero, the man who gave his life for Peter. The ideal that Kaine can never live up to.

So what do you do when your hero wants you dead?

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