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Meet the Alien Faces of Infinity Pt. 1

Familiarize yourself with the Kree, Shi'ar and Spartoi as they barrel toward Infinity!

Infinity #1 cover by Adam Kubert

By Paul Montgomery

Assembled in the darkness of the Negative Zone, the leaders of far-flung alien races assess Earth’s future. Even as the Builders approach, intent on obliterating this planet at the center of a multi-dimensional cataclysm, other civilizations weigh their options. Some appear impossibly human, distant cousins from beyond the stars, mirror images to humanity’s illustrious potential. Others shape the nightmares of humans and mutants alike.

How will these diverse races, children of the Builders, confront the arrival of Infinity? Do they align with the Earth and its space-faring Avengers in their date with destiny? Do they watch as Thanos and his marauders seize the solar system, untested?

Humanity may charge at the center of the contest, but all species throughout the Marvel Universe assume their own roles in the battles of INFINITY. Before the cosmic saga from Jonathan Hickman, Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver kicks off on August 14; get to know the players from beyond the starts who could decide the fate of Earth.

The Kree

The Kree

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #65

Jumpstarted and then defined by countless generations of war with the Skrulls, the Kree once watched, unmoved, as the human race found its footing on Earth from outposts on the Moon. Soon enough, the hearty and resilient humanoids began experimenting on the fledgling Homo sapiens in trials that ultimately resulted in the creation of the Inhumans.

Captain Marvel

Through their intervention, the blue and pink hued Kree alike influenced the rise of Earth’s super heroes in numerous accidents, happy and otherwise. Carol Danvers sustained massive injury during the explosion of a Kree device, though not without developing superhuman abilities through the infusion of that technology. As Captain Marvel, she flies headlong into another encounter with that alien legacy this summer.

By now, the Kree still stir the boiling pot of the many galaxies, though their dominion leans into a decline.

INFINITY writer Jonathan Hickman points to noble Ronan the Accuser and the corpulent Supreme Intelligence—a confluence of preserved Kree minds that sits on the newly formed galactic council—as vocal figures in the Infinity story. He also notes the Kree’s storied tension with the Skrulls and Shi’ar epitomizes the classic tales of the larger Marvel Universe and continues to drive the narrative today.

The Shi'ar

The Shi’ar

First Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #97

Inexorably linked with the late Charles Xavier’s X-Men, the Shi’ar inspire fear. Descended from birds rather than apes, their feathered crests and plumes lend the central race a delicate, angelic appearance in stark contrast to their tradition of cold-blooded conquest. The Shi’ar command one of the most technologically advanced cultures in known space with influence over countless star-systems.


Speaking for the Imperium on the Galactic Council, a plum-skinned Strontian known as Gladiator once betrayed the elders of his race and rose to the rank of Praetor. His power and stamina more than rival that of Earth’s mightiest champions. As such, Gladiator enjoys a complicated relationship with the Avengers and galactic heralds alike. Isabel Dare, the Iowa-born woman known as Smasher, serves as both an Avenger and Shi’ar Superguardian under Gladiator’s command. The Imperial Guard polices an unfathomable territory, spiraling outward from their core world of Chandilar.

The Spartoi

First Appearance: MARVEL PREVIEW (1977) #4

The Spartoi

Cousins to the Shi’ar, the Spartoi maintain an unlikely peace with the neighboring empire, proving that the universe offers enough fertile worlds for more than one hungry civilization. Of all the humanoid races scattered throughout the stars, the Spartoi most resemble Earth’s humans.

J’Son of Spartax, a war-faring prince of that race, once crash landed in Colorado and sired a son with his rescuer before repairing his ship and returning to his home world. Peter Quill, the boy that resulted from that brief union, grew up to pursue his absent father into the cosmos. Reluctant Star-Lord of the Spartax Empire, Quill remains disenfranchised from that culture, instead leading his ragtag Guardians of the Galaxy headlong into confrontations with J’Son’s fleet.


For his part, J’Son rallies this galactic council of once warring nations, now mutually fearful of Earth’s recent assumption of influence over the universe. Still the dominant civilizations throughout inhabited space, the Spartax, Shi’ar and Kree, together with the Badoon, Brood and menacing factions from the Negative Zone view the Earth as a viable threat to an already volatile universal order. A Badoon battle cruiser already plunged through J’Son’s mandated blockade of Earth, a situation only complicated by Star-Lord’s involvement. Those swashbuckling efforts leave J’Son in a precarious position with his people, who now question his policies regarding the Earth. Still, the clandestine council of alien races watches and waits.

On Friday, get to know the Skrulls, the Badoon, the Brood and Annihilus!

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