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The History of Deadpool

Follow the History of Deadpool Pt. 8

Catch up to Marvel NOW! as the Merc with a Mouth takes on zombie U.S. Presidents and more!



By Brett White

After making a bloody splash as an X-Force villain just over 20 years ago, Deadpool has grown from a cult favorite second banana to Marvel's most notorious leading mercenary.

On June 25, 2013, comic book fans everywhere will get to experience life in the red and black tights when Deadpool's first ever video game breaks its way into stores. This marks Wade Wilson's first time headlining a game after appearing in other titles like “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance” and the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're giving you an in-depth look at Deadpool's history, from his humble beginnings as X-Force's snarkiest foe all the way to today.

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Deadpool jumped from one band of killers to another when he left X-Force and accepted join a new team in THUNDERBOLTS #1. The squad, including Elektra, Punisher, Venom and the Red Hulk, traveled to Kata Jaya after the island's dictator detonated a gamma weapon against insurgents. The team united the fractured guerilla freedom fighters and fought to depose the dictator.

As their bloody victory came together, though, Wade fell hard for Elektra. And just like all of his other crushes, this one led to a major bummer when he spied the assassin hooking up with Frank Castle.

In THUNDERBOLTS #7, the team took off in a cramped submarine in pursuit of a shipping vessel carrying dangerous gamma batteries. Wade let his jealousy get the better of him, leaving General Ross no choice but to take him out of the picture. Just as DP threatened to venge-snipe Punisher, Elektra got to him first. While he healed from his brain's bullet-wound, the T-Bolts tracked the batteries to their destination: a small fleet of Crimson Dynamo armors and Elektra's thought-dead brother, Orestez.

Meanwhile, a magic hippie named Michael resurrected Harry S. Truman in DEADPOOL #1, hoping that the zombie could set the country back on track. With the threat of more undead Presidents looming and S.H.I.E.L.D. unhappy pitting icons like Captain America against them, Agent Preston hired Wade Wilson to clean up the mess. She sent him to take out George Washington at Independence Hall. The situation quickly turned from bad to oh-please-stop when the reanimated corpses of every dead President attacked 'Pool.

The merc gained an ally in DEADPOOL #2, when the ghost of Benjamin Franklin woke him up. Wilson traveled to Los Angeles to stop Teddy Roosevelt from hunting zoo animals. Wade electrocuted the Rough Rider on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s behalf, with an elephant as collateral damage. With this mystical melee worsening, DP, Agent Preston and ghost Ben Franklin visited the home of Dr. Strange.

Stephen Strange pinpointed Michael the necromancer's location, and he teleported the ragtag group of heroes to the dentist office where a group of presidents had reconvened. Wilson arrived, guns a-blazin', but that didn't help him against Washington, Gerald Ford and Abraham Lincoln. Strange enchanted Washington's sword, enabling 'Pool to defeat Nixon. The group rescued a repentant Michael and escaped.

Deadpool hit up San Francisco and the Hoover Dam, taking out presidents along the way with his mystic sword. A skirmish with Lincoln left 'Pool a bit worse for wear, but it also left Abe with an iPhone tracking his every move. The merc tracked Lincoln to Las Vegas, where he threw down with him in an ultimate fighting match. DP decapitated Lincoln, and then traveled to the International Space Station to tussle with Reagan.

Wilson made his way back to the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier in DEADPOOL #5—after shoving Reagan into the relentless vacuum of space—just in time for George Washington to strike. He broke Agent Preston's neck, and Michael teleported everyone to the Washington monument.

As Washington waged war on D.C. in DEADPOOL #6, 'Pool got his magic sword back from George and tore him up. The broken spells brought Deadpool peace—until he realized that Michael shoved Agent Preston's consciousness into his head before her death!

Now with a brain built for two, Preston had to go along as the merc went on a mission from a demon named Vetis. Wade previously botched a mission for the soul-smuggler as he stole power out of Hell by storing it in earthly hosts. DP's new mission: kill five people or Vetis will kill Michael. Since the key to Preston evacuating Wilson's headspace lied within Michael, Wilson took on the mission in DEADPOOL #8.

'Pool killed humans for the demon, releasing the hell power he had hidden in them years ago. Vetis reabsorbed the power and prepared to overthrow Mephisto, ruler of the underworld. Things were fine until Wade noticed Michael's name on the list! Wade decided to double-cross the demon in DEADPOOL #9; he killed Michael to allow the magician to bargain for his soul face-to-face with Mephisto. But none of his newfound posse saw the big picture, and ghost Ben abandoned him for a strip club.

Now Michael's gotten up close with Mephisto and Wilson’s reckless mission has brought him headfirst into conflict with Spider-Man and Daredevil. His friends feel betrayed, the heroes of the Marvel Universe can’t stand him, and his morals are murkier than ever.

With Deadpool, the more things change, the more things stay the same!

Check out DEADPOOL (2013) in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop, plus on Marvel Unlimited.

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