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Everybody loves zombies and to prove it, Marvel Zombies #1 has sold out at Diamond and a second printing with an all-new cover is on its way. The team of Ten Terrific writer Robert Kirkman and artist Sean Phillips have received nothing short of glowing reviews for their offbeat and bloody take on a world where nearly all of humanity has been wiped out by infected Marvel zombies. "Marvel Zombies scores a definite win... just pick it up and enjoy the carnage," says Jason Schachat of FanboyPlanet.com. "A fun spin around the graveyard in mighty Marvel fashion," says Troy Brownfield of Newsarama.com. The runaway success of Marvel Zombies has really charged Kirkman, who has also recently taken over writing duties for Ultimate X-Men, where it appears the return of Ultimate Phoenix might not be too far off. "I couldn't be more thrilled to hear about the success from this series," says writer Robert Kirkman. "I think one thing to take note of with this book is that Marvel has gone above and beyond to allow me to do WHATEVER I WANT with this series. I'm actually pretty amazed with how far they've let me and artist Sean Phillips go and the risks they've taken in doing so. The amount of creative freedom I've been given with this project has only been exactly the same as what I've been given on my creator-owned books. I'd just like to thank Marvel for letting us run wild and thank the readers for checking out this insane experiment." If you thought the first issue was gory, just wait until the Silver Surfer takes on the very undead former heroes in Marvel Zombies #3, on sale February 8th. It's sure to have you screaming, "Make mine brains!" MARVEL ZOMBIES #1 (of 5) SECOND PRINTING VARIANT (NOV058145) Written by Robert Kirkman Penciled by Sean Phillips Cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM 32 PGS./T+ SUGGESTED FOR TEENS AND UP ...$2.99 FOC - 1/19, On Sale - 2/8/2006 MARVEL ZOMBIES #4 (of 5) (JAN062030) Written by ROBERT KIRKMAN Penciled by SEAN PHILLIPS Cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM 32 PGS./T+ SUGGESTED FOR TEENS AND UP ...$2.99 FOC - 2/9, On Sale - 3/1/2006

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