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Fighting Infinity: The War at Home Pt. 1

Find out how Spider-Man, the Thunderbolts and the Fearless Defenders will cope with Thanos' invasion of Earth!

Infinity #1 cover by Adam Kubert

By Paul Montgomery

As a core team of Avengers journeys into deepest space to meet the coming threat of the Builders, an opportunistic Thanos descends upon the Earth. The Mad Titan and his lieutenants present a ferocious challenge to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at their best, so can the remaining forces hope to quell the invasion?

With Manhattan at the epicenter of the assault, New York’s homegrown heroes lead the vanguard against the alien aggressors. What awaits the island of Manhattan as INFINITY draws near?

“My SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP two-parter involves the debut of a new superhuman player in upper Manhattan, who has deep ties to the Marvel Universe,” says writer Rob Rodi. “This new superhuman isn't starting out very well, so Spidey swings up to intervene, and to tutor the newcomer in how to be a hero, surprising himself in the process.”

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3 cover by Paolo Rivera

As Al Ewing, writer of the upcoming MIGHTY AVENGERS series, alluded when explaining the Superior Spider-Man’s involvement with that team, Otto Octavius harbors a territorial sense of ownership for the city. In his new role as the neighborhood’s Spider-Man, the former super villain remains hardly friendly, but an ego like that demands he take the job seriously. In this instance, it involves playing mentor to a would-be super hero.

“That doesn't work out as planned,” offers Rodi of the former Doc Ock’s plan. “And of course, Thanos' invasion force isn't exactly helping matters. It's a pretty full plate for Spidey, and a few eye-opening epiphanies for him as well.”

The alien incursion provides an obstacle for another group’s efforts in the Big Apple as will be seen in THUNDERBOLTS.

Thunderbolts #14 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Thunderbolt Ross made the same offer to each of these operatives,” says incoming writer Charles Soule. “‘I have a bunch of gamma-related messes in my past that I want to clean up, and I need a team to do it. If you do one for me, then we’ll do a mission for each of you.’”

Seasoned killers like Punisher, Elektra and Deadpool tow plenty of ghosts in their wake, haunted by missions gone awry, challenges unmet, and targets that got away. The chance to attack those pet projects with a robust vigilante squad proves hard to pass up. With Frank Castle’s name drawn from the proverbial hat, the mercenary points to a notorious New York crime family long due for eviction.

“When INFINITY happens, obviously all of [the Punisher’s] meticulous planning goes straight to hell,” Soule says.

Surfacing in lower Manhattan, the Thunderbolts need to navigate up to the Bronx.

“New York City traffic and transportation is bad enough at the best of times, and certainly getting up to the north end of the island in the middle of an alien invasion is no joke.”

Thunderbolts #15 cover by Kris Anka

Frank Castle refuses to abandon his quarry, even in the face of extraterrestrial strife or transit delays. Of course, gridlock represents only part of the problem. The crime family at the center of the mission slams down on the panic button. 

“The alien invasion forces them to bunker up, making the job all that much harder,” shares Soule.

As for FEARLESS DEFENDERS, writer Cullen Bunn’s dragoon of female warriors, or Valkyrior, rush to New York with the goal of safeguarding the innocents.

“The Fearless Defenders are going to be living up to their namesake, truly defending,” explains Bunn. “They’re going to be working trying to save people from the chaos that’s raining down all around them.”

Valkyrie, Misty Knight and their civilian friend Annabelle Riggs must also contend with ongoing nemesis Caroline Le Fey, daughter of Morgan Le Fay and Doctor Doom. Ever drawn to chaos, Le Fay might actually see Thanos’ invasion as an admirable spectacle.

Fearless Defenders #10 cover by Mark Brooks

“I think she’ll be impressed,” muses Bunn. “She’ll be impressed by what’s happening but she believes that she has something even worse in store. She just has to get all her eggs in one basket.”

The writer also describes October’s FEARLESS DEFENDERS #10 as a dance issue, featuring a new super-powered being with a background in live performance.

“Both the Fearless Defenders and Caroline will have an interest in this individual, and this issue is going to center on her. I’ve tried to do different things with the book from the beginning and this issue will definitely live up to that ideal.”

Check on Marvel.com in the coming days to find out what Nova, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men and more have planned for INFINITY!

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