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Fighting Infinity: The War at Home Pt. 2

Learn about plans for Nova and the Illuminati during Infinity from Zeb Wells and Jonathan Hickman!

Infinity #1 cover by Adam Kubert

By Paul Montgomery

While the core group of Avengers grapple with the interstellar advance of the Builders, Earth’s remaining contingent of heroes face a surprise attack from Thanos. Though much of the assault plays out on terra firma, localized prominently on the island of Manhattan, the invasion radiates to the upper atmosphere and into outer space. Considered a bridge to narrow the gap between street level and far-flung cosmic characters, INFINITY catapults traditionally grounded characters into the heavens and ushers galactic guardians down to Earth.

Nova #8 cover by Ed McGuinness

As Thanos descends upon the planet, newly christened Nova corpsman Sam Alexander finds himself at odds with one of the mad Titan’s cruel lieutenants.

“Believe it or not, Thanos isn't particularly enamored with anyone calling themselves a Nova,” explains incoming NOVA writer Zeb Wells. “Not after Richard Rider went out of his way to keep him trapped in the Cancerverse. When he discovers that there is a new Nova on Earth, he is not impressed.” 

Thanos harbors a number of personal vendettas, of course, requiring some degree of delegation.

“Thanos has big plans for Earth and can't take the time to kill Sam himself, so he does something even worse,” continues Wells. “He sends one of his Generals' psychopathic kids after him. Her name is Kaldera and she is terrifying.”

Nova has come to terms with the fact that he has a lot to learn and that maybe he should take care of his town before he moves on to greater things. Unfortunately greater things are about to show up on his doorstep to kick his ass.”

New Avengers #9 cover by Mike Deodato

Thanos’ actions hardly go unnoticed from Attilan on the Blue Area of Earth’s Moon. Black Bolt and the Inhumans stand poised to assume an unprecedented level of prominence during and after the INFINITY event. Hickman points to this group and their mythology as a primary motivator for Thanos’ interest in this region of space. Tied to their Kree heritage, Ronan the Accuser also features in the story line. The Inhumans’ unique position, both geographically and culturally speaking, positions the Marvel Universe’s greatest outcasts at the very center of this two-front war. 

No individual feels this strain so acutely as Black Bolt, sovereign of the Inhumans and member of the clandestine Illuminati. In their ongoing struggle to quell catastrophic “incursions” from parallel Earths in the pages of NEW AVENGERS, Black Bolt and his fellow custodians of the Infinity Gems colluded to reform the Infinity Gauntlet. That gambit ultimately amounted to a wad of chewing gum on an ever-expanding fracture in the fabric of space, and at dire cost.

New Avengers #10 cover by Mike Deodato

“The Infinity Gauntlet has been destroyed,” explains Hickman. “Obviously, that is a relic of interest to Thanos.”

Ultimately, the arrival of Thanos and his invasion force amounts to a costly distraction for the Illuminati from a far graver conflict.

“The Avengers have left the Earth and Tony [Stark] has managed to remain behind under the auspices of preparing the planet for a worst-case-scenario,” says Hickman, “Tony knows that another one of these incursions could happen at any point in time, regardless of the massive, calamitous things going on in the Marvel Universe, an alternate reality Earth could come crashing into ours. It’d be game over no matter what. With the surprise invasion from Thanos and his forces, things go from bad to worse very quickly.”

Check on Marvel.com next week to find out what the X-Men, the Secret Avengers and more have planned for INFINITY!

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