Tuesday Q&A: Matt Kindt

Find out about what kind of wringer the writer plans to put the youth of the Marvel Universe through in Infinity: The Hunt!



Infinity: The Hunt #1 cover by Slava Panarin

By Jim Beard

The sprawling saga of INFINITY can’t be contained in a single series. Not only will the story spread out into some of Marvel’s biggest ongoing titles, but also into a few special books that enrich the tapestry of the event’s cosmic scale.

Writer Matt Kindt heads up INFINITY: THE HUNT, a four-issue limited series with art from Steven Sanders that kicks off this September with a unique call to arms. While Thanos’ forces turn their eyes to Earth, a handful of the planet’s experienced heroes cast their own gaze to the youth of the galaxy and spread the word of a very special contest.

Read on as we asked Kindt to talk a bit about the book and what it will all mean to the up-and-coming champions of the Marvel Universe. Matt, what are some examples of your favorite Marvel tales of the past where heroes were pitted against other heroes?

Matt Kindt: CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS was hands-down my favorite because it was the first, or at least the first that I remember. My older brother had bought it and it was back in the day when you couldn't just go buy back issues anywhere so I was so jealous of that series. It had all these crazy characters from different countries in it all put together. And then when SECRET WARS came out I was all over that. I think we're used to it now, but seeing all these disparate characters thrown together was really fantastic. 

Infinity: The Hunt #2 cover by Slava Panarin How did Hank Pym, She-Hulk and Wolverine become the leads in INFINITY: THE HUNT?

Matt Kindt: I really just picked the characters that I was most interested in. And don't forget Meggan! I have a fondness for them and having grown up reading them it was just more fun to finally get to order them around and see how they interact. Why will it be necessary for them to announce a contest of heroes? And where will it take place?

Matt Kindt: Well, the contest isn't going to get to take place. It gets pre-empted by Thanos; so in true villain form he ruins everything, including my new contest of champions! But it happens in such a way that we'll get introduced to a few brand new schools that are teaching "weirdly talented" students. What will the initial reaction be to the contest among the young heroes? What will it mean to them and what are the stakes?

Matt Kindt: Well most of the students haven't even heard of some of the other schools—like the Wakandan School or the Latverian School—so there's going to be a sense of discovery amongst the students as well as readers. And the stakes are a bunch of really green students having to basically face Thanos and his henchmen before they're ready. And there's probably going to be some dying involved. Who among these students really stands out to you? What will the schools that we’ve never seen before be like?

Matt Kindt: I'm most excited about the Latverian school. There are some crazy kids that attend that school that I can't wait to unveil. Without spoiling it too much I can say that we'll see for the first time the daughter of the Son of Satan. 

Infinity #1 cover by Adam Kubert What other Marvel Universe characters might we see in INFINITY: THE HUNT?

Matt Kindt: Really the ones you mentioned above, Wolverine, etc. as well as Quentin Quire and a few other students from the FF and the Braddock Academy and the Jean Grey School. Those will serve as the base of characters that launch us into team-ups and conflict with a lot of new students from the other schools. So the events of INFINITY will definitely impact issue #1?

Matt Kindt: Oh yeah. Those events basically postpone the contest of champions—but in a strange way it just changes what the contest is about—and makes it more real for the kids. Why is artist Steven Sanders great for this type of series?

Matt Kindt: I think he has a great clean and detailed line so that's really going to help establish the look of a lot of these new characters and show how they work, which is super-important when you're basically unveiling three or four whole new teams of characters. And the guy is easygoing so he makes a great collaborator. What else can you ask for? 

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