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Face Down Infinity with Guardians of the Galaxy

Artist Francesco Francavilla joins Brian Bendis to launch the premiere team of the Marvel cosmos against Thanos!

By Tim Stevens

Coming this October, INFINITY can no longer be contained to Earth. As it consumes the attention of every corner of the Marvel Universe, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Francesco Francavilla send Marvel’s top line interplanetary team against its most frightening galactic despot, Thanos, in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

With literally the entire cosmos on the line, can the Guardians stay alive long enough to triumph?

Guardians of the Galaxy #8 cover by Francesco Francavilla

“GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will give me the opportunity to draw something I haven't done before at Marvel: some good old sci-fi fun,” shares Francavilla. “More than a challenge I'd call [this an] opportunity.”

Two characters in particular stand out amongst the pack for the artist.

“[Rocket Raccoon and Groot] are so out there and different from all the other super hero characters/books I have been working so far,” he notes. “I love them!”

Beyond characters, however, Francavilla keeps plot points close to the vest, only hinting at what readers can expect to see on the page.

“Let’s just say, imagine those grand space-scape full of war-spaceships fighting each other,” he teases. “Double spread material, right?”

The thrill of working with Brian Michael Bendis stands as one topic Francavilla has no interest in playing coy about.

“[It’s] delightful,” he proclaims. “I've been a fan of Brian for a while so I definitely feel lucky that we have the opportunity to work together on something and luckier that this something is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

“We are collaborating a lot and that usually results in the best comic we can offer to our readers.”

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