Brace for Inhumanity

Matt Fraction and Axel Alonso speak out on major changes coming to the entire Marvel Universe!



Inhumanity by Steve McNiven

By Ben Morse 

While INFINITY does not kick off in earnest until Wednesday, August 14, as announced earlier today, one consequence of the galaxy-spanning event will be the Marvel Universe getting an Inhuman makeover.

The next major era spinning out of Thanos’ attack on Earth and the Avengers’ interstellar mission to halt the enigmatic Builders will unfold under an umbrella titled “Inhumanity” beginning this fall. While this new direction will bring Black Bolt, Medusa and their people to the fore, every Marvel character will feel the effects.

We spoke with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso as well as writer Matt Fraction—who will be launching the ongoing series INHUMAN alongside artist Joe Madureira with more details on the way tomorrow—about what exciting changes to expect from this latest bold chapter. What is the spirit of Inhumanity? What does this story have to say about the Marvel Universe?

Axel Alonso: It speaks to the endless metaphors that can be found in the Marvel Universe. The Inhumans are a species that predates the birth of super heroes and mutants, they’ve been hiding in plain sight, and they’re about to flex their muscles like never before.

Matt Fraction: To me it's about discovery; that moment when fate, or destiny, or some other kind of indicator that you are meant for greater things comes crashing into you. And it says that the Marvel Universe is way bigger than you ever imagined—and you might be a part of it. Why make the Inhumans a focal point of the Marvel Universe? What about these characters has made them enduring and what potential remains untapped?

Axel Alonso: The Inhumans have been the subject of heated discussions for years around these halls. They are truly unique. Spider-Man, Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Captain America—they were birthed by science. The X-Men—they are the next stage in genetic evolution. But the Inhumans—there is an existential crisis at the heart of their origin. They were born in an aborted genetic experiment by the alien race known as the Kree. They were born to be a weapon.

Matt Fraction: It's a chance to reclaim a key metaphor to me, of alienation and disenfranchisement. We've given ourselves the chance to tell stories about a group of people that fit in yesterday but today are misfits, freaks, and outcasts.
And these characters endure because there's something amazing about a secret royal family that begs for big mythic stories. What makes the Inhumans quintessentially Marvel characters? Where do they fit in?

Axel Alonso: The Inhumans are the outcasts of the Marvel Universe. While Peter Parker can take comfort in the fact that he is a man that’s been endowed with super-powers, and Cyclops can take comfort in the fact that he is part of a complex evolutionary chain, no Inhuman can say with certainty that he or she is part of God’s plan. They were, indeed, abandoned by their creator, the Kree. That’s a heavy existential question: Where do I fit into the universe? Was I a mistake? They are powerful and alien, but what makes them relatable?
Matt Fraction: I don't know that it's for me to say that; what they mean to me might not be what they mean to you and that's unfair. But anybody with a family can understand the power politics and drama and conflict that arises naturally; that they all have superpowers and exist in secret is just fuel on the fire. What can you say about events that set the Inhumans up for prominence in the coming months?

Axel Alonso: Readers will get their first glimpse of Inhumanity in the upcoming Marvel Universe event INFINITY—and I do mean “universe” because earthbound and cosmic heroes will fight side-by-side for the same stakes against two very different threats. How the do the Inhumans fit into the story? Read and find out. How does Inhumanity feed out of INFINITY and what does it lead into?
Matt Fraction: The events of INFINITY jumpstart a long-dormant genetic inhuman strain. It leads into a global crisis overnight in the middle of, and coming out from, INFINITY. What characters outside of the Inhumans will be most affected by Inhumanity?

Axel Alonso: The whole Marvel Universe!

Matt Fraction: Me. You. Your friends. Everyone we know. Are you one of them?

Axel Alonso: The Inhumans are here to stay, and there are lots of them. Their emergence in the Marvel Universe—during and after INFINITY—will be a game-changer in the Marvel Universe. Who’s to say the planet is big enough for everyone?

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