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Follow Painkiller Jane to Icon

Jimmy Palmiotti talks about bringing his invulnerable vigilante to Marvel!

Painkiller Jane #1 preview art bt Juan Santacruz

By Tim Stevens

Coming this November, Jane Vasko, the nearly unbreakable vigilante best known as Painkiller Jane, stalks her prey to Marvel’s Icon imprint.

Guided by writer and co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti and a team of talented artists, including Juan Santacruz, Asam Lofti, and Paul Mounts, the four issue PAINKILLER JANE limited series finds Vasko in New York defending the life of a Saudi Arabian princess against scores of lethal hired killer sand looking back on the times before she received her powers.

“I feel now is the perfect time to go back to print with a new set of [limited series],” says Palmiotti. “Painkiller Jane is a character that has never left my system. When I was able to work on Jane years later, I began to really flush out her character, her motivation, her sexuality and her relationship with the world around her. Now with this book I get to dig in and get to take the character on a wild ride with no restrictions.

Painkiller Jane #1 preview art bt Juan Santacruz

“A lot of Painkiller Jane fans have been asking me for years when Jane would come back and with what company, but I felt I didn’t want to bring back the character unless I can find a place where we can do the book as we see it, and a company that would be able to promote and get the book all over the world, in print as well as digital. [Marvel Chief Creative Officer] Joe Quesada and I spoke about where this would be, and Icon was brought up. The timing was perfect because I was working on a couple of Marvel projects and I have been buying just about every single book that came out of Icon and loving each and every one.”

“I also wanted to re-introduce the character to a bigger audience this time around, and I can think of no better place to do just that. Just one look at the talent at Icon and it’s a no brainer.”

The writer, however, knows that not everyone may be familiar with Jane from her earlier appearances, a situation he has committed himself to changing.

“Jane is part Dirty Harry, part Wolverine, part sexual dynamo,” Palmiotti notes. “Jane is a Lethal Weapon for her best friend and old police academy roommate Maureen Fernandez, sent out to do the dirty work that Detective Fernandez can’t.”

Painkiller Jane #1 cover by Amanda Conner

Jane thus boasts a versatility that helps her nicely fit into the genre crossing storyline that the creative team plans to drop her into.

“The series will be a mix of action, humor and adventure aimed at a mature audience,” the writer divulges. “I like to take the character to some pretty crazy places and I think in a way, that’s what makes the book so much fun.”

According to Palmiotti, another aspect ensuring that the book works lies with the art team.

“The best part [of PAINKILLER JANE] is getting to work with artists like Amanda Conner, Juan Santacruz, Dave Johnson, Sam Lofti and Paul Mounts,” he says. “This amazing crew makes for one fine looking book. Having the book set in the real world makes it all that much more fun when we go over the top and only certain artists are able to handle that kind of storytelling.”

He also believes it to be a format that can keep PAINKILLER JANE running for some time to come.

“I hope to be bringing PAINKILLER JANE to everyone for a long time,” Palmiotti commits. “The books will be a series of four-part limited series with some extras along the way. Honestly, the audience will be in charge of how long the book will run. I hope it’s a long, long time.”


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