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San Diego Comic-Con 2013

SDCC 2013: Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe

Christopher Hastings and Jacopo Camagni roll the dice with the luckiest mutant alive!

By Brett White

After spending the last few years playing nicely with others, the luckiest super hero in the Marvel Universe reclaims his original role this fall, that of a leading man.

November's LONGSHOT SAVES THE MARVEL UNIVERSE finds the X-Factor stalwart targeted by a mysterious stranger determined to end the lives of New York City's luckiest citizens. That makes Longshot, the most fortunate do-gooder on the planet, a prime target despite his otherwise relatively low profile.

"He's not really that powerful, but if you've got supernatural luck on your side, you can face down anything, right?" questions writer Christopher Hastings. "Longshot will be going up against some pretty ridiculously big threats—after all, he is saving the Marvel Universe—and it's going to be a good time seeing just how lucky he can get."

The limited series marks the character's return to the format nearly 30 years after making his self-titled debut in 1985's LONGSHOT by Art Adams and Ann Nocenti. Following his introduction, the character quickly found a home in the mutant corner of the Marvel Universe, joining up with the X-Men and other teams like the Exiles and, most recently, X-Factor. But after years of Longshot working with Jamie Madrox's mutant detective agency, editor Jordan D. White saw an opportunity to give the hero his own story.

"[X-Men] editor Nick Lowe and I share an office, and sometimes we sit back and gaze at the two massive "ReGenesis" wall banners we have up here—one of Cyclops’ side, one of Wolverine’s—and let the characters wash over us," says White. “It was during one of these X-Gazing sessions that I brought up that I thought Longshot should have another series. He’s a really unique character that I thought could really fit the tone of the sort of frantic adventure series I wanted to get out there."

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1 cover

Jacopo Camagni handles the art duties on Longshot's solo adventure, which also marks the artist's first limited series work following a run on MARVEL ADVENTURES: SPIDER-MAN.

"I hope to do a good job, especially because I respect [Longshot co-creator] Art Adams, and because I love X-FACTOR," the artist notes.

Longshot originally fulfilled the role of rebel leader in the media-obsessed alternate dimension known as Mojoworld. He immediately turned heads as one of the most distinctive stars of the 1980’s, thanks to his black leather outfit, throwing knives, glowing eye and trademark rock star blonde hair. But despite the character being one of comic book legend Art Adams' most prominent creations, Camagni revealed that he had the chance to give the charismatic crime fighter a makeover.

"When Jordan sent me the script, he asked me to change the look of Longshot," says the artist. "And he precisely asked me to make him very attractive! We want ladies and gentlemen both to be swooning over him, so I have tried to change his look and bring it from the 80’s to the present."

Whatever aesthetic changes have been made to the character, the creative team promises that fans old and new alike can expect great things from the comic.

"You can expect us to push his luck to its limits and beyond," says White. "You can expect to see an incredibly—and supernaturally so—handsome and charming man save the Marvel Universe by the skin of his teeth."

Hastings even hints at a possible cameo that will make this series a must buy for longtime Longshot fans”

"A certain ex-lover/current agent of S.H.I.E.L.D might be showing up.”

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