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Prepare for Infinity with an Exclusive First Look at Avengers #18

The Skrulls return in full color pages by Leinil Francis Yu and Jonathan Hickman discusses their role in Infinity!

Avengers #18 preview art by Leinil Francis Yu
We already revealed
that the Skrulls will return in the pages of AVENGERS #18, coming August 21 from Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu, but as INFINITY draws near, the role these one-time would-be conquerors of Earth will play in the unfolding galactic drama becomes more clear.

"They are, in fact, one of the first races to encounter the cosmic threat as it heads toward the milky way galaxy," shares Hickman of how the Skrulls get drawn into the conflict.

However, these days the race of malevolent shape-shifters barely resembles the universal powerhouse those who have followed the Marvel Universe would find familiar.

"After their crushing defeat in Secret Invasion, what we knew as the Skrull Empire was reduced to a series of fragmented, feuding territories run by regional warlords," Hickman says. "One of those more prominent warlords is Kl'rt, the Super-Skrull, who features prominently in INFINITY."

Avengers #18 preview art by Leinil Francis Yu
With the Builders rocketing not just in the direction of Earth but every surrounding solar system, strange alliances will come into play, perhaps none more awkward than between the Avengers and Skrulls, as Hickman notes:

"Some [Avengers] will look at [working with the Skrulls] as a necessity, the enemy of my enemy and all that. Others are much less accepting, like Spider-Woman."

Given that Jessica Drew spent years as a Skrull captive with their queen assuming her face to lead their failed conquest, this reaction can't be seen as surprising, but will she be able to bite back her anger for the greater good? This and other questions will be answered beginning August 21 in AVENGERS #18. In the mean time, see Leinil Yu's preview art accompanying this article and visit Marvel.com's INFINITY hub page for all the latest updates.

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