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Enlist with Carlos Pacheco & Captain America Pt. 1

See exclusive preview pages from this fall and find out what makes Cap tick for this legendary artist!

Captain America #11 cover by Carlos Pacheco

By Jim Beard

With September 4’s CAPTAIN AMERICA #11, legendary artist Carlos Pacheco kicks off a tour of duty on the acclaimed series with writer Rick Remender. Pacheco’s entire artistic career in comics stands as an ode to the heroic ideal and CAPTAIN AMERICA should prove fertile ground for his unique talent and expression of super hero action and adventure.

In an exclusive three-part Marvel.com interview with the artist, he fielded questions from his studio in his native Spain on what’s visually in store this September as well as much more.

Marvel.com: Carlos, what are some of your earliest memories of Captain America, both stories and artists?

Carlos Pacheco: Well, I grew up reading Marvel since basically it took off, so I was lucky enough to have been there [for] the [Jack] Kirby days, to see how Jim Steranko transformed all that was built before he arrived; but I have to say that my favorite Cap period is Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema’s days, with Frank Robbins assistance for a while. “The Secret Empire” was such a good story that today it remains as one of the best Marvel’s ever done. And then there was Nomad.

By the way, I really do love Roy Thomas' Captain America in INVADERS.

Marvel.com: Who is Captain America to you? What's essential for you to convey in your art on the series?

Carlos Pacheco: I’m not so sure if who Cap is to me is who Cap is to [everyone else]. One of the things that makes me consider Captain America as different from the other [heroes] was the fact he was a man out of his time and he was discovering a totally different America after being found by the Avengers. The values he learned to love and respect were being questioned, but at the same time he had to keep his loyalty to the American citizens. The political issues in his book were what made it go beyond the obvious “super hero with a flag costume.”

Captain America #11 preview pencils by Carlos Pacheco

Cap should be the Hamlet Soldier, a man full of doubts about what is right and what is wrong. If you want a soldier with everything clear [to him], okay, you have Nuke. Cap is the perfect soldier because he will never obey an order just because it came from a superior officer, he will question it. Remember [in “The Secret Empire”], maybe his biggest enemy was a “Very High White House Officer.”

Marvel.com: What do you really relish in a hero like Cap?

Carlos Pacheco: He is authority embodied in a mortal man, so we should see this crystal-clear every second, to the point that even in the more relaxed moments he transmits this to everybody. He isn’t free from having doubts, but nobody will ever see him as someone not to trust.

Marvel.com: What was your initial thought when you were offered CAPTAIN AMERICA? What convinced you that this was the book you wanted to do?

Carlos Pacheco: Rick Remender, [inker] Klaus Janson, [colorist] Dean White and [editor] Tom Brevoort—how I could I deny [a chance] to work on a book with these guys? Oh, put Captain America’s name on that list, too.

Marvel.com: What do you admire most about Rick Remender's work? What does he do that you think makes for good comics?

Carlos Pacheco: His accurate use of continuity. Super heroes are [built on] continuity and if you hate it, it's simple: there are hundred of wonderful books without it waiting for you out there.

The abuse of continuity may allow a book to survive when a fan’s tastes change, but the accurate use of it may be TNT for it, since many fans go back and dive into the history of a character.
Rick does that wonderfully.

Captain America #11 preview pencils by Carlos Pacheco

Marvel.com: Will you be working "Marvel style" on the book, and if so, what are the benefits for you as an artist to work in that manner?

Carlos Pacheco: Not exactly. Rick includes dialogue into his scripts, but he was very kind—and smart—in saying that won’t be definitive and that he will rewrite it in order to match it with the art in case it’s needed. And that makes sense; if something is done very well in an image, we don't need hundreds of words to re-explain it.

Marvel.com: What have you enjoyed that Rick's done on this series in the first story?

Carlos Pacheco: What he has done with Kirby mythos, for sure. Also, both the feeling of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” I perceived in Dimension Z and the serious way Rick reintroduced Zola have to be admired, definitely.

This Wednesday, Carlos gives insight into Cap’s costume and other elements of his look!

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