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Prepare for Infinity with an Exclusive First Look at Issue #1

See pages by Jim Cheung as editor Tom Brevoort expands on the role of the Illuminati in this event!

Infinity #1 preview art by Jim Cheung

While the balance of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes takes to space in hopes of heading off the Builders when INFINITY kicks off August 14, Iron Man and the rest of the Illuminati remain on Earth. These heroes may explain their reasoning with maintaining a home front defense, regular readers of NEW AVENGERS know better, as editor Tom Brevoort explains:

“Overtly, Tony Stark has stayed behind to marshal the defenses of the Earth against the Builders. In actuality, as the Illuminati [are aware], these incursions continue to happen, and probably there’s going to be one coming soon; if [they] are off in space and nobody deals with that, the universe is likely to be destroyed and it’s not going to make a difference anyway.”

Again, those following NEW AVENGERS—and if you’re not, obviously you’re missing some pretty major stuff—recognize “incursions” as reality-shattering events in which alternate Earths encroach on our own, usually leaving one destroyed, an eventuality even the Illuminati have had little success averting. Pages from INFINITY #1 from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Jim Cheung show that these failures will continue to reverberate.

Infinity #1 preview art by Jim Cheung

“This was the moment in which [the Illuminati] crossed the Rubicon and did an awful thing,” says Brevoort of the sequence that originally took place in NEW AVENGERS #6 presented here from a new perspective. “It was the point that they actually went from trying to find more civilized and scientific ways of solving the problem to having their backs up against the wall and having no other recourse but to destroy a world.

“It was the first world that’s been destroyed by the Illuminati, and the Avengers by extension, and that is significant.”

As if dealing with incursions and their own actions wouldn’t be enough, Iron Man and his allies must also face other looming threats to the planet, including a Mad Titan with a particular interest in Black Bolt, as indicated in today’s final preview page.

Infinity #1 preview art by Jim Cheung

“It’s a crisis on top of a catastrophe on top of Armageddon kind of at once,” Brevoort reiterates. “The Illuminati have to deal with their ongoing problem, while at the same time contending with the fact that the Builders are coming, and, oh, yes, Thanos too is knocking on the door.

“[These] characters will be very much at the center of the Earth-bound sections of INFINITY especially, put into the pressure cooker and through the wringer in a big way.”

INFINITY #1 goes on sale Wednesday, August 14. For all the latest updates, visit the official hub page.

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