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Enlist with Carlos Pacheco & Captain America Pt. 2

The incoming Cap artist discusses his visual approach to Steve Rogers and alter ego!

Captain America #11 cover by Carlos Pacheco

By Jim Beard

With September 4’s CAPTAIN AMERICA #11, legendary artist Carlos Pacheco kicks off a tour of duty on the acclaimed series with writer Rick Remender. Pacheco’s entire artistic career in comics stands as an ode to the heroic ideal and CAPTAIN AMERICA should prove fertile ground for his unique talent and expression of super hero action and adventure.

In an exclusive three-part Marvel.com interview with the artist, he fielded questions from his studio in his native Spain on what’s visually in store this September as well as much more.

Marvel.com: Have you looked at recent interpretations of Captain America’s distinct look to launch your own?

Carlos Pacheco: I haven't followed any former direction [in that regard]. I've seen what other have done, like John Romita, Jr., Jerome Opeña, and John Cassady in Cap’s title and the Avengers books and I think that everybody has been giving their personal visions of the costume, so I made the decision of doing the same.

Marvel.com, So, how did you first approach the costume? How will you redefine it for the near future?

Carlos Pacheco: Well, I know this is an issue that may create some conflict among the fans and I don't know how long this change is gonna last, but this is how I now see Cap’s look. He has decided to move to a more military look, and this is my personal approach: to try to make Cap look like a modern U.S. Marine.

Marvel.com: And it’s still not a drastic departure.

Captain America #11 preview pencils by Carlos Pacheco

Carlos Pacheco: Right. World War II Cap has been incredibly popular but it makes sense try to keep his look in the present day. The captain is a military man basically—it’s his job, what he does for a living, so [there’s] an inner logic in making him shine that way.

Marvel.com: Would you say that any Marvel artists of the past have actually inspired what you're doing today on the series?

Carlos Pacheco: Kirby, Steranko, Sal Buscema, John Byrne—I grew up reading comics so my mind goes to the days when Captain America was a man out of his time and the artists that worked with the character in those days are still my faves, in particular Sal Buscema's art on Steve Englehart's run. The Nomad saga was a shock for the mind of the young Spanish fan I once was.

Marvel.com: What about the man behind the mask? How do you see Steve Rogers as himself, visually?

Carlos Pacheco: Steve is a capital element in all this, and is one of the more important things that will create a big difference between Classic Cap and [our] Cap. [Our] Steve is a Truman guy; nothing to do with good old classic Steve, who is to me a Roosevelt ideal incarnation. That Steve represents the New Deal. I see our Steve like a sort of Jimmy Stewart.

Marvel.com: Who among the current supporting cast is your favorite to draw, and why?

Captain America #11 preview pencils by Carlos Pacheco

Carlos Pacheco: Love the Falcon! He’s Cap's connection with the real world, with social issues, and what allows Cap to pay attention to the real problems of our world beyond the uniformed Nazis that just won’t die.

Marvel.com: What do you hope you and Rick will be able to do with the Falcon in CAPTAIN AMERICA?

Carlos Pacheco: I would like to see the Falcon going back to his social roots in such trouble times [as these].

Marvel.com: How do envision Cap’s rogues gallery? What would you like to do with them?

Carlos Pacheco: I really think that after September 11th the world changed so much that this [aspect of Cap’s world] should be redefined in the book. A new world order, the perfect puzzle for a soldier from the 40’s to try to fit into. He has seen so many changes in his all life that he's the perfect one to confront all the changes that are still coming.

This Friday, Carlos talks new villains for Cap!

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