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Prepare for Infinity with an Exclusive First Look at New Avengers #9

Check out pages from Mike Deodato as Tom Brevoort reveals more details on Thanos and the Black Order!

New Avengers #9 preview art by Mike Deodato

We already learned earlier this week that the Illuminati will remain behind on Earth during INFINITY to mind the store for a variety of reasons, but as revealed in exclusive preview pages from NEW AVENGERS #9 by Mike Deodato, they find themselves the targets of an unexpected threat.

“[Thanos is] searching for something on Earth and is now dispatching the Black Order to locate what he’s interested in,” notes editor Tom Brevoort of the Mad Titan and his newest lieutenants. “As we see in these pages, [the Illuminati] were the last people to have the Infinity stones, so that is clearly of interest to Thanos, whether or not it’s what he’s ultimately after.”

New Avengers #9 preview art by Mike Deodato

On August 21, when NEW AVENGERS #9 by Deodato and writer Jonathan Hickman hits stands, not only will more of Thanos’ plans stand revealed, his deadly Black Order will have one of their first opportunities to demonstrate their deadliness against some of Earth’s most potent protectors.

“They’re bad dudes,” Brevoort puts simply. “They’ll have a little more room to show their stuff [in NEW AVENGERS #9] than they have up to this point in INFINITY. You’ll start to get more of a sense of their individual personalities, their powers and abilities, and that any of them are able to stand toe-to-toe with the members of the [Illuminati] without much difficulty.”


NEW AVENGERS #9 by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato ships on Wednesday, August 21. For more on INFINITY, visit the official Marvel.com hub page and pre-order INFINITY #1 now!

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