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Cup O' Joe: April

April is Rockin' at The House, No Foolin'!

Man, I just kill myself with these titles, how do I do it?

You know, there comes a time in a persons life when they have to pack up their gear and move out of the old nest. Guess what, in some bizarre way life's no different for Peter Parker, Aunt May or Mary Jane. The Parkers are moving house and it ain't to a new one in the hills with a cement pond.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 519 Spider-Man Month chimes in with a new status quo for the Parker family and a new way of life for our favorite wall-crawler. Trust me, you don't want to miss Peter's new Avenging roommates in Amazing Spider-Man #519. While that would be enough news for any ordinary, run of the mill publisher proud, when we say Spidey month, we mean Spidey month!

MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN 13 Lets give a warm Marvel welcome to Hollywood bigwig and Black Panther scribe Reginald Hudlin who along with bombastic Billy Tan (X-23) will be the new ongoing team on the Marvel Knights Spider-Man. Reggie and Billy's first arc beginning with issue #13 will have Spidey coming up against someone who's everything he isn't.

TOXIN 1 And let's not forget Toxin, the symbiote of symbiotes, the newest havoc-bringer in the Marvel U and Spidey's world! This six-issue misadventure of mayhem is brought to you by flawed genius, Peter Milligan and dastardly Darick Roberston with covers by Esad "Man Mountain" Ribic!

SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT 1Also, crossing over from the world of Avengers, there's been a little jailbreak of late and Spidey's got about a dozen or so baddies to get his hands on! You can catch all of the craziness in a little thing we so brilliantly entitled, Spider-Man, Jailbreak! This Spidey story is being spun by Tony Bedard, with art by Manuel Garcia.

PUNISHER 19In other corners of the Marvel U, you won't find two more disparagingly different books. Punisher #19 and #20 begin Garth Ennis' next big story arc called "Up is Down and Black is White," penciled by the great Leo Fernandez! What can actually get to Frank Castles hardened heart? Gangster Nicky Cavella knows.

POWER PACK 1 And for those looking for a different kind of adventure, we bring you Power Pack--back and in glorious form. Join writer Marc Sumerak and artist Gurihiru as they reintroduce Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie: the Power family! This is sure to be an all ages treat!

That's it from me, kiddo, now you'll have to excuse me as I try to figure out how to get this whoopee cushion under Tom Brevoort's chair. See ya next month!

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