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Go beyond the barriers of Infinity with an Infinite Comic by Jason Latour and Agustin Alessio!



Infinity: Against the Tide Infinite Comic #1 cover by Agustin Alessio

The frontlines of INFINITY breach the future of comics storytelling with INFINITY: AGAINST THE TIDE INFINITE COMIC #1! Propelling directly out of Marvel’s comic event of the year, creators Jason Latour and Agustin Alessio guide the Sentinel of the Spaceways, the Silver Surfer, onto the revolutionary canvas of Infinite Comics! Representing the latest form of comic book storytelling using tablets and smartphones as a new platform, each new Marvel Infinite Comic thrives on modern technology while staying true to the medium’s greatest strengths!

With the life-destroying Builders continuing their crash course to Earth, the former herald of Galactus may be all that stands between them and complete cosmic chaos! But when he witnesses the magnitude of Builders’ destruction, can the Surfer rise to stop their mad bid for supremacy or will he fall prey to their destructive wake?

As the Avengers scramble to keep the universe intact, the Power Cosmic clashes with the Unstoppable Evil in the all-new INFINITY: AGAINST THE TIDE INFINITE COMIC #1, available now! Fans can find the INFINITY Infinite Comic in one of three ways:

1. Free with the redemption of a code found in print copies of INFINITY #1.

2. Free with a purchase of the digital copy of INFINITY #1  on the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop.

3. Available for $1.99, also on the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop.

With three easy ways to obtain the Infinite Comic, no fan can miss out on this game-changing story for the comic blockbuster event of the year!

Who will fall under the might of the Builders? When will the next Incursion strike? And what’s Thanos’ master plan? Join the conversation on Twitter with #MarvelINFINITY!

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