This Is Inhumanity: New Avengers

Jonathan Hickman teases the fate of the Inhumans spinning out of Infinity, plus see Simone Bianchi's December cover!



By Ben Morse

New Avengers #13.INH cover by Simone Bianchi
Can the New Avengers stop the Inhumanity?

That's one question writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Simone Bianchi will be asking come December with NEW AVENGERS #13.INH, but given recent revelation in the pages of INFINITY, the fate of the Inhumans themselves seems up in the air.

"As radically as you can with them both still being the Inhumans and not dead," forecasts Hickman of how much the powerful race will change as a result of the big event. "Which is good, as I really like writing Black Bolt and Maximus."

Those Inhuman power players will have a major impact beyond the walls of Attilan in the months to come, as will other elements being explored by the Illuminati, first and foremost the devastating Incursions they've gathered to combat.

"The cool thing about NEW AVENGERS is that we see how actions in the Marvel Universe trickle out and affect other universes," Hickman notes.

Catch up on NEW AVENGERS and keep following for the latest new on Inhumanity!

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