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Marvel NOW!

All-New Marvel NOW! Q&A: Avengers

Editor Tom Brevoort gets into the post-Infinity plans for Earth's Mightiest Heroes from Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic!

Avengers #24.NOW cover by Esad Ribic

By Paul Montgomery

Nearly a year ago, Marvel Comics unveiled plans for a new catalog of ongoing comic book series from the industry’s very best. Branded Marvel NOW! to reflect the immediacy of the action, the bold sensibilities of the carefully selected creative teams, and the fervor of new fans, the initiative ushered in a diverse array of titles for new and seasoned readers alike.

With a name like Marvel NOW!, there’s no time like the present to ask what’s new in the Marvel Universe.

A fresh wave of All-New Marvel NOW! titles join the celebrated line winter and spring of 2014. Additionally, look for current ongoing favorites to present their own jumping-on points with special Point NOW! issues to take readers well beyond INFINITY. It all starts in December with AVENGERS #24.NOW! by Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic.

We sat down with Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing and Executive Editor, Tom Brevoort, to talk about the next phase of Marvel NOW! and the future of AVENGERS.

Avengers #23 cover by Leinil Yu

Marvel.com: What's happening with Marvel NOW!? What's changing? What's staying the same? 

Tom Brevoort: We had great success with Marvel NOW! around a year ago, so it seemed like a logical thing to do to extend the initiative and cast it even wider. So as part of All-New Marvel NOW!, we’ll be refreshing some of our regular ongoing series, giving them another starting point issue where readers can easily jump on board and check them out.

Concurrently, we’ll also be launching a number of additional new series, very much in the vein of the original NOW!, where we’ll be pairing the right creators with the right characters and concepts to give each series a specific point of view.

Avengers #22 cover by Leinil Yu

Marvel.com: What are these Point NOW issues? 

Tom Brevoort: The .NOW has been added to the numbering of certain specific issues of our core titles to designate them as the entry point to a new storyline—a perfect point of engagement for new readers. Additionally, they’ll all carry a big #1 on their covers as well, signaling that this is the first part of a new arc.

Marvel.com: This all starts with a new chapter for the Avengers. With INFINITY, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are asserting themselves as major players in an intergalactic scene. With Thanos in the mix, will Cap and his crew have an Avengers World waiting for them? 

Tom Brevoort: Well, I hardly want to say too much about where INFINITY ends while we’re only two issues into it. But in the aftermath, once again the Avengers are going to have to find a way to get bigger. And #24.NOW is where that new expansion and metamorphosis begins. The operating sphere of the Avengers is only going to continue to grow in size and scale.

Marvel.com: Does the fallout from INFINITY, especially those events leading to Inhumanity, create even more strain on the Illuminati? Is this another bargaining chip for Black Bolt or does this all serve as a costly distraction? 

Avengers #21 cover by Leinil Yu

Tom Brevoort: It’s all going to continue to cause a strain on the Illuminati, sure. But once again, I prefer not to be too specific. But even the membership of that group might continue to evolve.

Marvel.com: Esad Ribic is drawing this first big .NOW issue. Should we expect him to bring the same Odin Force level mastery he's brought to THOR: GOD OF THUNDER

Thor: God of Thunder #12 cover by Esad Ribic

Tom Brevoort: I would expect no less from Esad. He and Jonathan have history working together from ULTIMATES COMICS ULTIMATES, so they’re comfortable with each other’s working style, and have wanted to do more as a team. AVENGERS #24.NOW is the next step in that.

Marvel.com: How do you top threats like Thanos and the Builders? Where can the Avengers possibly go next? 

Tom Brevoort: Oh boy, you have no idea. By this time next year, INFINITY is going to look like a minor skirmish. Everything continues to get bigger and bigger and bigger until there’s virtually no way in which it can become any larger. It’s a massive story that Jonathan has laid out, one that will have a measured and fundamental impact on the Marvel Universe as a whole—and even beyond!

For all the latest news on All-New Marvel NOW!, continue following Marvel.com

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