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This Is Inhumanity: Indestructible Hulk

Mark Waid relays how a a threat to the human race could present the key to Bruce Banner's redemption!

By Ben Morse

The Indestructible Hulk can't smash Inhumanity, but can the Incredible Banner?

Indestructible Hulk #17.INH cover by Mahmud Asrar
After catastrophic events that take place during INFINITY, the Earth will be in peril, but while the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe stand helpless, one of its greatest minds could prove the key to salvation.

"Bruce Banner is a key player in Inhumanity," confirms series writer Mark Waid, who will be joined by artist Clay Mann this December. "The human race's future lies in his hands--both his human ones and his giant, monstrous mitts."

While the rest of the planet fears for their future, Waid says Banner will see the opportunity in this time of peril:

"Banner can finally reclaim his deserved title as one of Earth's greatest scientists--if he can keep the Hulk under control while he deals with the crisis!"

Catch up on INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK and keep following Marvel.com for the latest new on Inhumanity!



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