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This Is Inhumanity: Avengers Assemble

Kelly Sue DeConnick steers Spider-Girl through the aftermath of Infinity with Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Avengers Assemble #22.INH cover by Jorge Molina
By Ben Morse

Empowered by Inhumanity, will Toxic Doxie finally destroy the Avengers?

That's the dilemma facing Spider-Girl, as A.I.M. and the former Dark Avenger catch her in a crossfire this December when co-writer Warren Ellis and artist Matteo Bufagni join Kelly Sue DeConnick on AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #22.INH.

"She's out of her league and she knows it," DeConnick says of Anya Corazon's upcoming situation. "To get what she wants, she'll have to team up [with] and learn from some of the Avengers' heaviest hitters: Spider-Woman, The Hulk, Black Widow and Wolverine to name a few.

"And maybe they'll learn a trick or two from her too."

Catch up on AVENGERS ASSEMBLE and keep following Marvel.com for the latest new on Inhumanity!

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