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Marvel Prose

Get Marvel Prose Novels on the Kindle

A new way to enjoy adaptations of Civil War, Iron Man: Extremis, Astonishing X-Men, New Avengers and more to come!

Marvel Prose Novels, adapting some of the most acclaimed comic stories of all time, are now available on the Kindle! Now even more readers can share in the excitement of delving into some of their favorite comic tales, including Civil War, Astonishing X-Men: Gifted, Iron Man: Extremis, and New Avengers: Breakout.

Marvel Prose Novels offer a whole new way to enjoy some of Marvel’s most action-packed, game changing stories. Offering expanded takes on celebrated storylines, these novels are perfect for readers new and old. Even if you’ve read these stories in their original comic format, there’s something new to be found in these pulse-pounding novels.

Written by some of the industry’s most esteemed talent, including Peter David and Stuart Moore, Marvel Prose Novels have been carefully and expertly crafted to give readers the ultimate Marvel experience! Get inside the stories that fans love with more detail, more action, and more story on every page!



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      tmlove83 member

      I'm a huge fan of these. When can we expect more?