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Rip into the Origin II Acetate Cover

Adam Kubert lays out his process, plus see the art in action with a special animated GIF!



Origin II #1 acetate layer by Adam Kubert

By Ben Morse

Starting this December, Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert pick up where the seminal ORIGIN left off, continuing to chronicle the unexplored early days of Wolverine in ORIGIN II, a new limited series.

To make this event more special, Kubert created a dynamic piece that has art printed on a layer of acetate in addition to the traditional cover underneath providing an almost animated effect you can see in action in this GIF: http://bit.ly/17ZwdK5

“I hate to admit it but the awesome idea was [Senior Editor] Nick Lowe’s,” confesses Kubert in regards to the cover’s genesis. “Underneath the acetate overlay is a very cool story reveal which can’t be seen until you lift it.”

Origin II #1 cover layer by Adam Kubert

In order to bring the project to fruition, Kubert worked in concert with the rest of the ORIGIN II team and adjusted his personal process to fit the assignment.

“This was a true collaborative effort between Nick, [Marvel Editor-in-Chief] Axel [Alonso] and [me],” the artist explains. “I was up at the Marvel offices going over the project with Nick. We talked cover and came up with something we liked. I did a very quick sketch which we walked down to Axel and after getting his feedback got the green light.”

Even after over 20 years in the comic book industry, Kubert still finds new challenges, and designing this cover proved to be one.

“Every cover has its own set of challenges and this one is no exception,” he says. “This particular image had to work four different ways: the fist/claw by itself, the background under the acetate by itself, the two images acetate/background mated together and the fist/claw upside down used for promotion.

Origin II #1 cover by Adam Kubert

“Actually the most challenging part was drawing the wolves and trying to make each of them look and act differently.”

While the acetate cover proves an enticing lure, Kubert looks forward to readers getting past it and enjoying the exciting work he, Gillen and their collaborators have in store for Wolverine in ORIGIN II:

“[It is] an awesome story by a great creative team firing on all cylinders—and I’m totally including editorial. We’re trying things that have simply not been done before.”

ORIGIN II by Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert begins in December



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