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All-New Marvel NOW!

NYCC 2013: Superior Spider-Man

Dan Slott preps Superior Spidey for his biggest challenge yet in Goblin Nation!

By Jim Beard

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN kicks off 2014 with a five-part story that writer Dan Slott humbly describes as “epic.” When the Green Goblin rises in issue #27, everything changes for Otto Octavius, the man inside Peter Parker’s body.

We asked Slott to tease us a bit with the particulars of “Goblin Nation,” and he delivered in his own unique style.

Marvel.com: Dan, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #27 and “Goblin Nation” will be part of the All-New Marvel NOW! event—what’s it going to be like?

Dan Slott: This is gonna be like a blockbuster movie. You’re getting your big budget Superior Spider-Man movie. For long-standing fans this is the pay-off of everything that’s been going on.

Marvel.com: And “Goblin Nation” will change everything?

Dan Slott: Everything so far in the world of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN has been about setting up the dominoes—this is when they all start falling over.

Marvel.com: So a lot of threads from previous issues are coming together?

Dan Slott: A lot of threats coming together.

Marvel.com: The Green Goblin’s thought of as Spider-Man’s number one foe, but yet it’s Doctor Octopus who finally defeated our hero…

Dan Slott: Right, I think that rises you up in the rankings, a lot. Wherever you are in the Spider-Man villain rankings, once you get to the point of killing Spider-Man and desecrating his body I think you move up!

So, its time for the title card. The big fight. Green Goblin in this corner and Superior Spider-Man in this corner.

Marvel.com: But the Goblin’s never played well with others, whereas Otto’s been a team-player with the Sinister Six, etc., correct?

Dan Slott: Well, Otto’s been the master planner behind the Sinister Six. It’s easy to call someone a team-player when they’re the quarterback.

Superior Spider-Man by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Marvel.com: What’s Otto’s take on the Green Goblin then, going into “Goblin Nation”?

Dan Slott: He has never fought a foe this big before, as the Superior Spider-Man. He really hasn’t ever fought this big of a heavy hitter before. He’s been off fighting, you know, Cardiac and Vulture; this is the big leagues, as big as it gets. In Otto’s war on crime as the Superior Spider-Man, he’s been cutting off the heads of crime families and syndicates and super villains and he’s been leaving the bodies—and the Green Goblin’s been scooping them up. He has risen to power and has effectively become the kingpin of crime in New York. He has now an army and its all thanks to Otto Octavius.

Marvel.com: What’s it going to be like when Otto realizes that?

Dan Slott: I think that will be exactly like…SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #27! “Goblin Nation”! You’re gonna flip open to those pages and go “Holy Moses”!

Marvel.com: What role will Liz Allan play in the story?

Dan Slott: I will say with all of the SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN supporting cast, when you hit “Goblin Nation” no one is safe. All bets are off. I have an empty lot over here that I have been filling with bodies since I’ve started working on Spider-Man. I have so many bodies that I have buried out here—don’t think I won’t do it. No one is safe!

Marvel.com: What about Liz’s son?

Dan Slott: No one is safe!

Marvel.com: Can Otto turn to anybody or will he be completely alone?

Dan Slott: You will have to wait and see.

Marvel.com: “Goblin Nation” will be the first five-part story you’ve done in the book; is that a reflection of its scale?

Dan Slott: This is the biggest adventure to date. Massive. This is going to have insane repercussions in the world of the Superior Spider-Man.

Marvel.com: What have the first pages on the story from Giuseppe Camuncoli been like?

Dan Slott: They’re gorgeous. There’s a double-page sequence that I can’t begin to describe, but it’s gorgeous. And the splash page—Giuseppe’s so good.

With SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN we’ve had three of the best art teams in comics and everyone has gotten a shot at telling a big story, the epics. But every time Giuseppe Camuncoli has come up to the plate so far, are all the times when we’ve killed someone. Every time Superior Spider-Man has taken a life, Giuseppe has been pushing the pencil. Hmm…

Marvel.com: Dan, you always seem like you’re having the time of your life on the title. Does that still hold true?

Dan Slott: It’s been a crazy ride. I have taken great delight since SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN started in twirling my moustache. I’m in full moustache-twirling mode on the book. It’s not something I’m used to, so it’s been great fun. People are so invested in the book; it’s like they’re always going, “What are they doing now?”

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