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All-New Marvel NOW!

All-New Marvel NOW! Q&A: She-Hulk

Charles Soule talks about balancing the lives of Jen Walters and bringing his own legal experience to the table!

She-Hulk #1 cover by Kevin Wada

By Brett White

The single green female returns!

After spending some time as an ensemble player over in the pages of FF, Jennifer Walters—the sensationally savage She-Hulk—now finds herself as the lead of a new ongoing series. And unlike series chronicling some of her more angst-ridden super hero cohorts, SHE-HULK promises to deliver the type of upbeat tales befitting the beloved jade giantess.

Writer Charles Soule will put Shulkie through her paces, although readers should expect something slightly different from the work he's turned in with the mercenary squad in THUNDERBOLTS. Javier Pulido, an artist that helped define innovatively minimalistic style of HAWKEYE, will expertly execute She-Hulk's new adventures as she transitions out of her courtroom clothes, into her Avengers tights, and back again.

We spoke to Soule about the all-new adventures of Jennifer Walters, superhuman lawyer.

She-Hulk #1 variant cover by Ryan Stegman

Marvel.com: Jennifer Walters hasn't held down an ongoing title since her last series ended back in 2009. What makes this the right time for a new She-Hulk book? 

Charles Soule: It's always the right time for a She-Hulk series! Over the years, she's been involved with some of the most memorable moments of the Marvel Universe, and I think it's great that she's coming back into the spotlight. I'd be happy about it even if I wasn't writing it. I've been a massive fan of earlier runs, and to be on this side of the, well, keyboard, I guess, is pretty amazing.

Marvel.com: Previous writers have toyed with She-Hulk's dual personality before, with the more reserved Jen and her more brazen She-Hulk persona conflicting at times. Where does She-Hulk's human form fit in with your take on the character? Will she be 100% Hulked out all the time?

Charles Soule: Most of the time, yes. I love the idea that She-Hulk likes being She-Hulk. It's just refreshing. I want to use Jennifer Walters almost as one of her powers; she might change form occasionally because she needs to, but rarely because she wants to.

She-Hulk by Greg Horn

Marvel.com: Being a lawyer yourself, have you drawn anything from your other profession for use in SHE-HULK?

Charles Soule: Absolutely! Write what you know, you know? I'm using cases I've worked, or encountered, as a model for some of the situations Jen gets herself into. One interesting thing is that I've been hearing from a number of other attorneys who are also comic readers since this was announced. They seem to be happy that a series is going to be featuring one of their own so directly. That just makes me want to up my game a bit—I don't want angry e-mails from lawyers yelling at me for messing up some point of law in SHE-HULK. Actually, I don't want angry e-mails from lawyers about anything, now that I think about it.

Marvel.com: How similar is Lawyer Charles Soule to Lawyer Jen Walters? Or is her methodology based on other lawyers you know?

Charles Soule: Her setup will be fairly similar to mine, and I'm going to bring my experiences directly to bear on her cases and adventures. I don't get into that many fights with super villains—no more than most lawyers—so she'll have more of that, but the law stuff will be based on what I've been doing for more than a decade with my own practice.

She-Hulk by David Williams

Marvel.com: She-Hulk's previous long-running series amassed a diverse supporting ensemble including everyone from the Awesome Android to the Two-Gun Kid. Can you fill us in on what types of characters will be filling out her cast this go-around?

Charles Soule: I'm looking forward to filling Jen's world with a bunch of interesting supporting characters old and new. The way the premise plays out gives me a chance to do something I love: delve into odd and forgotten corners of the Marvel Universe and either update a weird, old concept or just talk about it in a new way. She-Hulk's world will rapidly fill out with a diverse cast; we'll see two really big additions in the second issue, for instance.

Marvel.com: Over the past few years, you've proven that you can dish out hilarious jokes in your writing just as readily as cringe-worthy acts of evil. Will SHE-HULK stay on the lighter end of the Soule spectrum, or will it dip into darkness a bit too?

Charles Soule: Both, absolutely. I think any good series has a mix of emotional beats; just like She-Hulk herself, it doesn't have to be just one thing. Humor's powerful, but so are sadness, fear, you name it. For me, it's mostly about the character you put in those situations, and Jennifer Walters is one hell of a character.

She-Hulk by Mike Deodato

Marvel.com: She-Hulk has a reputation as a thrill-seeker and a bit of a partier as well. How does she balance things like going to the beach or dancing, enjoying herself, along with the high stress jobs of being a lawyer and super hero? How will those three professions—if partying can be considered a profession—balance out in SHE-HULK?

Charles Soule: I'm sure there are plenty of people who take their partying as seriously as any surgeon takes her work. As for how they'll balance—well, they won't balance, not really. One of the big themes I'm going to play with is how in the world Jennifer is supposed to do everything she's supposed to do. We don't want things to be easy for our heroes—we want to see them overcome great difficulties. She-Hulk will battle one of the greatest villains of all: scheduling. That was one of those hilarious jokes you mentioned earlier, by the way. She-Hulk will fight her share of giant robots and irradiated monsters, I promise.

Marvel.com: Javier Pulido is coming off a handful of remarkable issues on HAWKEYE. As another series that focuses on a solo hero with a more down-to-Earth tone, would you say that SHE-HULK has a lot in common with that book? Where do they differ?

Jen Walters & She-Hulk

Charles Soule: I would say that there are thematic similarities, in that they're both taking a somewhat more focused look at the day-to-day life of a super hero, but what Jen does with her day and what Clint Barton does with his are very different. I want to use She-Hulk as a forum to comment on the Marvel Universe as a whole, and how some of its pieces fit together in sometimes unexpected ways.

Marvel.com: Whereas super strong characters tend to be rendered with a lot of detail and exaggerated anatomy, you're working alongside Pulido, who has a very distinctive and clean style. Has his particular take on the character influenced your work at all?

Charles Soule: Yes, of course. I always try to write to my artists. There are a number of segments in the scripts for this series where I essentially ask for what I'm calling "Pulido Specials"—bits where he can bring his brilliant gift for innovative layouts and clever storytelling to the fore. He's been doing amazing work, and I think people are really going to respond. The book is going to look and feel—and read, hopefully—as something very unique. And fun!

SHE-HULK by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido kicks off in February 2014

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