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TGIF: Best of 2007

Marvel's greatest creators select their favorite moments from 2007

By Ben Morse 2007 here at the House of Ideas saw the end of a Civil War, the beginning of a Secret Invasion, Nova saving the universe, the X-Men struggling to save their race, the death of Captain America, the birth of the 50 State Initiative and a heaping helping of World War Hulk...just to get started. We tracked down some of our favorite creators in the midst of their holiday hijinx and asked them their favorite memories from 2007. It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.

Hulk vs Sentry

PHIL JIMENEZ (upcoming artist of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN): The battle between Hulk and Sentry in WORLD WAR HULK. [Artists John] Romita Jr. and [Klaus] Janson totally nailed the scale of such a fight-you knew just how utterly powerful the Hulk was during this event. Both horrifying and beautiful. ED BRUBAKER (writer of CAPTAIN AMERICA): I liked the return of Clint Barton [in NEW AVENGERS], and him becoming the new Ronin. Clint is such a great character, it's nice to have him back, and trading banter with Spidey now.

Rocket Raccoon

BILL ROSEMANN (Marvel editor): The recent after-work party thrown by Joe Q that allowed all of us - if just for a few hours - to step away from the office, toast the year's efforts, and recharge for 2008. [And also] the ascent of Rocket Raccoon and Cosmo! MARK BAGLEY (artist of MIGHTY AVENGERS): I really didn't have a particular "moment" that springs to mind. But I really enjoyed the collaboration with [writer] Brian [Michael Bendis] and the guys on my final issues of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. What a great experience.

The Avengers by
Leinil Francis Yu

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (writer of NEW AVENGERS, MIGHTY AVENGERS): My favorite moments are different than others. I get this entirely different experience from making the comics. I get to see them before they see print. I get to see the art in all its different phases. and that is so exciting. I can't even explain to you how exciting that is every time. so when you ask me this question I think to waking up, going to my computer and opening files by [Stuart] Immonen, [Leinil Francis] Yu, [Frank] Cho, [Mark] Bagley, [David] Mack, [Michael] Gaydos, [Alex] Maleev, [Mike] Oeming, [Jimmy] Cheung.

Hulk vs X-Men

CHRISTOS GAGE (writer of HOUSE OF M: AVENGERS): As a writer, my favorite moment was getting to write WORLD WAR HULK: X-MEN. My first time writing the Hulk or the X-Men and I get to write all of them fighting each other? It's a fanboy dream come true! Speaking as a fan, this is going to sound incredibly geeky, but I have been waiting for a MARVEL ATLAS for years. Now I finally know where Transia, Latveria and Monster Isle are! TODD NAUCK (artist of FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN): One of my favorite moments of 2007 was getting to draw J. Jonah Jameson clobber Peter Parker in FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #23. Heck. That my be a career fave!


NICK LOWE (Marvel editor): Definitely from RUNAWAYS-and not just because I edit it. The moment where Victor and Lillie kissed in RUNAWAYS #28. "You don't hear it?" Too good! I became a 13-year-old girl the moment I read it. JEPH LOEB (writer of ULTIMATES 3): Using the term "Skrully" as in "Ben, that's a terribly skrully thing to say to me." It applies to almost anything. "I was in New York and had the most Skrully hot dog at a vendor near the office." "Have you seen Bendis' new haircut? Very Skrully if you ask me!" See? So, Skrully.

The death of
Captain America

MOLLY LAZER (Marvel editor): My favorite Marvel moment was when Cap got killed in CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 - not because I don't love Cap - in fact, he's one of my 5 favorite characters right now - but because of the reaction that the public had to it. I was a very surreal moment when I was walking to Grand Central terminal that Wednesday and had to do a double-take at the New York Post stand when I saw that it was front-page news.


ROBERT KIRKMAN (writer of ULTIMATE X-MEN): "To me My X-Men." Joss Whedon is the man! ASTONISHING X-MEN is rocking my socks off for sure. I can't wait to buy it again in hardcover and read it all in one sitting. MIKE CAREY (writer of X-MEN): Has to be the scene in ASTONISHING X-MEN where Kitty is holding the haft of a fire-axe through Colossus's head, and threatening to let go of the ends--thereby making it solid again--if he doesn't answer her questions...well, that or the Beast's ball of mnemonic string. I love the way Joss keeps coming at the X-Men's powers and personalities from these unexpected angles.

Hulk vs Dr. Strange

ROB LIEFELD (artist of ONSLAUGHT REBORN): Easily when Doctor Strange fought Hulk in WORLD WAR HULK. Of all the conflicts that was the most surprising and engaging for me. Greg Pak and John Romita Jr. really knocked it out of the park with that whole series. Spectacular. MATT CHERNISS (writer of SUB-MARINER): I'm sure a number of people are going to say the moment when we discover Elektra is a Skrull [in NEW AVENGERS #31], but for my money it is the next issue. The whole issue takes place on a plane as the Avengers explore their new found paranoia. It sounds boring, but Bendis finds a way to make it as exciting as any brawl. The final moment, as the

New Avengers

Avengers' bodies lay strewn in the plane wreckage, having just crashed, and we watch Spider-Woman disappear into the forest carrying the body of the Skrull as Wolverine watches helplessly, is my favorite single moment of 2007. Where's she going? Is she a Skrull or just a traitor? I'm definitely coming back next month to find out! The last six pages of this comic are Bendis and [artist] Leinel Yu at their best. RALPH MACCHIO (Marvel Executive Editor): I think my favorite Marvel moment of 2007 was finding out that the MAVEL ZOMBIES hardcover was in its sixth printing and there was no way to stop this phenomenon. There was just no way to gauge people's unquenchable thirst for this series. And I couldn't be happier about it.

Messiah CompleX

HUMBERTO RAMOS (artist of X-MEN): Messiah Complex! And also sharing a table at the Marvel dinner at the San Diego Comic Con with my heroes Joe [Quesada], John Romita Jr., Paul Jenkins, Jeph Loeb, Brian Bendis and me! Aren't I the luckiest fanboy ever or what? TOM DEFALCO (writer of AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL): My favorite moment in 2007 occurred in AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #14 when Mayday Parker discovers her baby brother Benny is--quite literally--climbing the walls. I have always enjoyed adding new wrinkles to the Parker family dynamic. Pete and Mary Jane may be living happily ever after in AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL, but their lives are about to get a bit too interesting!

Hulk vs
Black Bolt

GREG PAK (writer of WORLD WAR HULK): John Romita, Jr.'s rendition of the Hulk attacking Black Bolt in WORLD WAR HULK #1 made my head pop off. I'd been pretty pleased with myself for coming up with the "I want to hear you scream" line. But it's Johnny's monumental pencils that made that splash page explode. STEVE MCNIVEN (artist of CIVIL WAR): Meeting Stan Lee at the New York Comic Con!! ROBERTO AGUIRRE-SACASA (writer of SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN): In terms of what I worked on in 2007, I'm proudest of the two-part Eddie Brock story I did towards the end of my run on SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN, which wasn't even my idea--to write about Eddie--it was my editor's. In terms of Marvel-at-Large, month in and month out, I think Ed


Brubaker's DAREDEVIL and CAPTAIN AMERICA were can't miss, always at the top of my pile. CHRIS YOST (writer of X-MEN: EMPEROR VULCAN): It came early in the year, but the final confrontation between Nova and Annihilus in ANNIHILATION #6 rocked beyond words. That series blew me away. Any series that begins by the war being lost and Galactus being defeated and enslaved is alright by me-every page had 'epic' written all over it. It made Rich Rider a legend.

Hulk vs everybody!

ZEB WELLS (upcoming writer of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN): The moment I'm most proud of would have to be Humbug's murder of the innocent Hiveling in HEROES FOR HIRE #11. Loved that we were able to do it, and loved the problems it made for the rest of the team. PETER JOHNSON (writer of SUB-MARINER): The Hulk going apes--t on the Illuminati in WORLD WAR HULK. If someone tricked my ass out into the far reaches of space, I'd be mad too. Even mad enough to break Dr. Strange's hands. Nice touch. Want to see the best of 2007 and much more for yourself? Check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Also, be sure to check back next Monday and Tuesday for Marvel.com's Top Ten Villains and Top Ten Heroes of 2007 to close out the year.

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