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Psych Ward: Boomerang

The newest leader of the Sinister Six sits down with his therapist during a recent jail stay.



By Tim Stevens

Frederick Myers—who indicates he prefers to be called “Fred”—is an adult male who presents as being in good physical health. A career criminal, Myers operates under the codename “Boomerang,” and has aligned himself with such criminal enterprises as the Sinister Syndicate, the Masters of Evil, and the Secret Empire. Born in Australia, Myers is now considered a U.S. citizen which explains why he has never been deported despite an extensive criminal record. He is currently incarcerated awaiting trial following his latest arrest. This writer has an existing relationship with the client, having worked with Myers during some of his previous prison sentences.

Initially a promising baseball player whose career was derailed by his own greed and being perhaps an era too soon for his ethical outlook to be tolerated, the client was easily seduced into the promise of quick dollars. Since then, he has never stopped seeking an easy life provided through criminal acts.

Typically viewed as a bit of a loser amongst his peers, the client actually has a significant history of violent and antisocial behaviors. He has murdered others, including, most recently, a man in front of his wife and daughter. Rumor has it this was revenge against the wife for her role as a costumed hero but this is unconfirmed and Myers refuses to discuss or even acknowledge this crime (and several others).

Client demonstrates some level of insight and is able to recognize the cycle of poor decision making he has locked himself into. He is able to articulate how he feels about his life and how his impulsiveness continues to interfere with his ability to make pro-social decisions.

Unfortunately, Myers ability to view himself with some authenticity does not carry with it a level of motivation to change. He is pre-contemplation, at best, in his desire to address his criminal life and improve his life status. He endorses feelings of listlessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness, but cannot help but look for the quick solution: the rush of the next crime, the pile of illicit dollar bills with their unlimited potential, the celebration amongst friends after a heist gone right. Even as he is able to acknowledge the successes are few (and becoming less and less) and the failures are becoming increasingly more personally damaging, the client cannot seem to stop.

This is perhaps best illustrated by him squandering offers of rehabilitation extended to him by the government. Both his time as “Outback” and with the Thunderbolts government rehab program only provided brief periods of abstinence from criminal exercises. In both cases, he was committing crimes and re-arrested in less than a month after being given his freedom. The visitor’s log also indicated, at a glance, that Myers has been entertaining a variety of similarly perennial low level “super villains.”

Fred Myers will be seen by Doctors Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber on November 13 and their notes can be found in the file SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #5.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Psychology intern at a small(ish) university in New York City.

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