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Save the Marvel Universe with Longshot

Christopher Hastings provides his plans for the luckiest hero around, plus exclusive preview art from Jacopo Camagni!

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1 preview art by Jacopo Camagni

By Andrew Wheeler

The Marvel Universe may always be in trouble, but this time it's going to take a special combination of gifts to save it: good luck, good looks, and perhaps a high fashion haircut that we'll all regret one day.

There's only one man for the job, and that's Longshot, the hero with powers of good fortune that only work out when he's acting unselfishly. He may have said “No More Mullet”, but now he has an undercut and mutton chops to keep him in line with the ever-changing times, and he's ready to headline his own solo series.

LONGSHOT SAVES THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, from writer Christopher Hastings and artist Jacopo Camagni, sees the happy-go-lucky former X-Man at his super-heroic best, but he'll need all the goodwill he can muster for the challenges ahead. We spoke to Hastings to find out more!

Marvel.com: Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe...from what?

Christopher Hastings: Everything from super powered serial killers to totalitarian government regimes to the total destruction of reality.

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1 preview art by Jacopo Camagni

Marvel.com: The book's editor, Jordan D. White, came to you with the idea for a new Longshot series; what was it about the character that made you say yes?

Christopher Hastings: What really drove me initially was exploring how to do a series about a constantly lucky character in a way that wouldn't be too “deus ex machine-y”—trying to figure out how to treat his luck as a satisfying narrative device that made sense in a larger piece.

Marvel.com: How much of the Marvel Universe are we going to see?

Christopher Hastings: It's mostly centered in New York City, but that's where like 75% of the Marvel Universe actually lives, right? But the characters range across several main series, and even a couple weirder people from Marvel's past, and a What If? or two.

Marvel.com: Artist Jacopo Camagni is quite a discovery, and he seems to have a knack for gorgeousness. Is that something you take advantage of?

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1 preview art by Jacopo Camagni

Christopher Hastings: I just know that every single person in the series is going to be very attractive thanks to Jacopo, if that's what you mean! I also really enjoyed co-designing the new villains with him. I'd write up a short paragraph on what a new character would look like, and then he just took that in really awesome imaginative directions. It’s stuff I haven't really seen in comics before, but it fits very nicely in a modern super hero story.

Marvel.com: How would you describe Longshot's new hairstyle?

Christopher Hastings: I would say it is as hip today as Longshot's original hairstyle was back in 1985.

Marvel.com: Longshot has always been a very alien character—an orphan, an outsider. In saving the Marvel Universe, do you think he'll find a new place in it?

Christopher Hastings: Longshot is still a bit lost in our world, but he's always finding love wherever he goes (thanks to that luck and supernatural handsomeness.

Marvel.com: What do readers need to know about Longshot to enjoy this story?

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1 preview art by Jacopo Camagni

Christopher Hastings: Longshot's got a pretty complicated background, what with the Mojoverse, the supernatural luck, the ability to sometimes read objects pasts or futures, the hollow bones—for easier acrobatics!—the throwing knives, the weird leathery skin, the mesmerizing attractiveness, a proficiency with jet packs, regular memory wipes, and being a sort of clone of his son.

But I would say all anybody needs to know to enjoy the comic is that Longshot stumbles into insane incredible situations all the time, and bounces through them with charm and outrageous fortune. This series is about testing the limits of that fortune.


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