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Fightin' Fanboys

Fightin' Fanboys: The Big Show

The World's Largest Athlete talks about his challenges in WWE plus what Marvel characters he would associate with and more!

The Big Show (courtesy of WWE)

Photos courtesy of WWE

By Blake Garris with Ben Morse

For nearly two decades, the seven-foot Big Show has been a dominant force in sports entertainment, winning every championship WWE has to offer and then some. However, of late, the “World’s Largest Athlete” has come up against a challenge he can’t punch his way out of, try though he might: the oppressive authority of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who recently fired him after he refused to tow the company line.

But Big Show has continued to make his massive presence felt on WWE television and pay-per-view, whether he’s welcome or not. He took the time to chat with us about his future plans as well as which Marvel characters he’d like to associate with, what he’d bring to the Avengers and more.

Marvel.com: For fans who might not be caught up, can you give a quick take with what’s been going on with you in WWE?

The Big Show (courtesy of WWE)

Big Show: [I have] been going through some pretty trying times [with] Stephanie McMahon forcing me to do some pretty bad things to Daniel Bryan and some other talent [while] holding my job over my head. It involves financial difficulties going on, marriage difficulties, health difficulties. She held a lot of those over my head, that I needed the job real bad and basically used me as her one man hit squad. We reached a pivotal point where [I] snapped. I ended up knocking out their chosen face of the company, Randy Orton; I knocked out the COO Triple H and was fired. And subsequently [over] the past couple of weeks I’ve been showing up at the venues, where I’m not supposed to be, and causing havoc between appearing on the Titantron, knocking people out and this past Monday I drove a semi in which caused a distraction that let Daniel Bryan knee Randy Orton in the face. So basically right now since I don’t have a job, I’m causing mayhem and mischief at work.

The Big Show (courtesy of WWE)

Marvel.com: Would those be your immediate goals?

Big Show: To cause mayhem and mischief? Yeah. I’m having more fun than I’ve had in my entire career. I was working during the Attitude Era; I remember all the fun the guys had during the Attitude Era with all the stunts and the chaos and how much the WWE fans enjoyed that kind of out of the box lunacy. So I’ve enjoyed doing that myself, whether it’s stealing semis or showing up at inopportune times, crashing the Titantron. I’ve got a lot of tricks up my sleeve and hopefully, eventually it will force Triple H into giving me my job back and meeting me one on one in the ring because that’s my ultimate goal.

Marvel.com: So I would assume there’s more revenge coming up at the next couple of shows…

Big Show: Oh yeah. Revenge is definitely coming. There [are] no consequences now, so I’m going to do whatever. I might as well have fun, right?

Marvel.com: Longer term, you’ve won every title in the WWE and are obviously going to the Hall of Fame. What’s left for you to accomplish?

Colossus as the Juggernaut

Big Show: What’s left to accomplish? Just the ability to finish on a high note. The sun sets on every career. I still have some good years left in me. I still want to compete, I still love competing, I still love being in the locker room with the guys, helping other guys along, watching them be Superstars, watching them grow and develop. I’m not ready to be done yet. When it’s all said and done, who knows, man? Maybe take some creative writing classes and sit at home and write fantasy novels, that way I don’t have to travel. Sounds like a good plan.

Marvel.com: You used to read comics growing up and a little today; which are your all-time favorites?

Big Show: Let’s see. Everyone’s going to go with X-Men. I’ve always loved Wolverine. I’ve always loved Hulk. I used to love the Conan graphic novels. I loved the art. I think that’s the cool thing about comic books in general, is just the artistry that goes into it, the characters, the backstory. I know a lot of guys like Kofi [Kingston] and CM Punk, they’re [smartening] me up all the time about comic books and they give me a hard time about, “Oh, you should be this character. You should be that character. You should go screen capture a Marvel movie.” I don’t know. We’ll see.

Marvel.com: Are there any Marvel characters that you kind of relate to? I know you mentioned Wolverine; would he be one?


Big Show: No, no. I wouldn’t relate to Wolverine. I’m probably more of a Juggernaut kind of guy. That would be more my thing. Juggernaut, maybe Colossus. Not the Blob. I don’t want to be the Blob. Colossus would be good, I think. He was always cool.

Marvel.com: Who would you want to hang out with and who would you want to fight?

Big Show: I would like to hang out with Red Hulk and I’d mud-wrestle She-Hulk if I was Red Hulk. How about that?

Marvel.com: Very nice.

Big Show: If I did it as me, I’d probably get my butt whipped pretty quick. But I always thought that She-Hulk was pretty friggin’ hot. So, that’s just me.

Marvel.com: If you were to join the Avengers, what would you bring to the team?

Big Show: I think an endless sense of humor and lots of flatulence.

Follow The Big Show on Twitter @WWETheBigShow and catch Hell in a Cell on pay-per-view this Sunday. For more information, visit WWE.com

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