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Psych Ward: The Legion of Monsters

Satana, Werewolf by Night and their allies get a full therapeutic work-up...



By Tim Stevens

Mr. Franklin Nelson,

I have done my best to comply with your request. However, as I have not worked with any of the subjects nor am I a profiler of…creatures of this sort, I urge you to reach out to a therapist who might be more appropriate. In any case, I do hope this provides some level of aid to your firm.

Werewolf by Night: Jack Russell (born Jacob Russoff) was cursed by his bloodline from birth, but it was not until he turned 18 that he began turning into the supernatural creature commonly referred to as a werewolf in popular lore. Although no such cases have ever been documented in any scientific journals, several eyewitness accounts, including ones from individuals of impeccable credentials, would seem to indicate the accuracy of Russell’s condition.

Long battling his transformation, the subject did eventually accept it and became more fully integrated, able to retain his personality in both human and lycan forms. Although this has not proven a permanent integration as he still, at times, loses control of his “animal side,” he is far more likely to present as cohesive now.

Beyond the “curse,” which is perhaps best conceptualized as a genetic disorder, Russell’s life has been significantly marked with tragedy, losing his father while still an infant and his mother as a late adolescent. Additionally, the subject has had to wrestle with the knowledge that, over the years, he has passed on the disease to several others through his actions and many of these who were infected went on to hurt and kill others during their transformations. 

It should also be noted that the subject is apparently a well-respected scholar in the study of an ancient book called the “Darkhold.” Details vary about what the Darkhold is, but all agree that it is deeply connected to whatever supernatural elements exist in our world.

Zombie: Simon Garth was the heir and chief executive of the Garth Manor coffee company when he was kidnapped and used as a human sacrifice. Unable to save him, the love of his life Layla had to be satisfied with, initially, preventing him from becoming an undead slave to those who first sacrificed him. Since then, over the years, Garth has steadily become more independent. Although he can still be controlled to a certain extent by an amulet that matches the one around his neck, he has begun to resist commands that would violate his personal morality (when he was alive) and is able to do selfless acts under his own personal initiative.

The subject seems to be, from the little scholarly research available, a merging of both the Voodoo concept of the zombie (a slave under the control of a powerful practitioner of the religion) and the more modern pop culture icon (an undead creature who shambles on). As near as this writer can discern, Garth does not feast on flesh or brains and does not spread zombification (if you will) to others. This writer does not feel comfortable with speaking to any metaphysical aspects of the subject’s current existence (soul, resurrection potential, etc.).

Satana: Satana Hellstrom is the self-described daughter of the Devil and brother to Daimon Hellstrom. An apparent wielder of magic, the subject has insisted that she grew up in Hell, or some version of it, and this is where she was taught the dark arts. Although her brother confirms that she was not raised with him (and the existence of several hells, evidently) he is not able to speak to her specific experience.

An agent of chaos more than a hero or villain, the subject seems to do as she pleases without much by way of conscience. She has sacrificed herself to save Dr. Stephen Strange and has served with the government super villain rehabilitation group the Thunderbolts, but she has also worked with the organized crime boss the Hood, acted as a succubus (although this writer remains unclear on how closely her actions matched the pop culture concept of succubus), and culls souls for a future attempt at overthrowing her father and assuming control of her particular section of Hell. She would seem, in this writer’s estimation, to be unreliable.

N'Kantu, the Living Mummy: Despite his name, N’Kantu insists he is not alive, which presents some confusion. What is clear is that he was exposed to a chemical agent and buried away for years—possibly centuries if certain oral histories that were eventually transcribed can be believed. Upon the agent wearing off, N’Kantu was able to escape, but his mind was not intact. Spending time interred with no motor control had shattered his sense of self, grasp of reality, and ability to process information. Although he has appeared to become more fully oriented to time, place, and person since, he does seem to indicate some lasting trauma and possible mental illness from his time essentially buried alive.

Frankenstein’s Monster: The creature’s origins are well-documented in the historical document “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, but many years have passed since publication and the “Monster” has not been dormant all that time. Historical records are dotted with mentions of him or allusions to someone or something that many scholars believe must be the creature. These include involvement with the Nazis—although this seems to either be against the creature’s will or the result of some sort of cloning of him—and in several eras aiding Kang the Conqueror.

In modern times, his stance seems to be more heroic. The adventurer Elsa Bloodstone claims him as almost a nanny-type figure that called himself Adam and he has served S.H.I.E.L.D. in a specialty agent capacity. Despite all appearances, it would seem that the creature is intelligent and capable of moral thought and that, in time, this ability has led to a life largely devoid of terrorizing humans.

For further research on the Legion of Monsters, this writer would urge you to study the works of Doctors Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, and Jason Copland, particularly DAREDEVIL #33, available on November 20.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Psychology intern at a small(ish) university in New York City.

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