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Fightin' Fanboys

Fightin' Fanboys: John Cena

The World Champion of WWE speaks about his new partnership with Capri Sun, WrestleMania XXX, Captain America and more!

John Cena (photo courtesy of WWE)

By Blake Garris & Ben Morse

From Wolverine to Deadpool, Marvel has quite a few characters renowned for their healing ability, but perhaps none can compete with the very real recuperative powers of WWE World Champion John Cena.

One of the most impressive competitors in WWE history, Cena recently returned ahead of schedule from an elbow injury and subsequent surgery to defeat Alberto Del Rio and capture his 14th major championship. In addition to competing regularly on Raw, SmackDown and at pay-per-view events, Cena also serves as an ambassador outside the company, including an upcoming venture with Capri Sun.

We spoke with “The Champ” about the Kids vs. Pros Throwdown as well as his plans for WrestleMania XXX, why he relates to Captain America, how he’d lead the Avengers and much more.

Marvel.com: You’re teaming up with newly-minted World Series MVP David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox and some other pro athletes for the Kids vs. Pros Throwdown with Capri Sun. Can you give some details about that?

John Cena: Yeah, people can actually go on www.caprisun.com/kvp and find out all the true logistics, but they can also see some cool victory dances from me, David Ortiz, Steve Curry, and Gabby Douglas. Basically, what’s going to happen is Capri Sun is running a promotion where there’s a code on every pouch. If you use that code to go on www.caprisun.com/kvp and find out how you can enter, and the grand prize of this contest is a bunch of kids will be entered into a field day versus us pros, me, David, Steve, and Gabby. It will be a day filled with activities and competition. So Capri Sun is doing their best to try to get kids to be active and be interactive because along the way is a bunch of social interaction with digital websites, there’s game to be played, awards to be won, they can get some autographed stuff from me and everybody else. It’s a pretty cool promotion.

John Cena (photo courtesy of WWE)

Marvel.com: You just returned from a major injury way sooner than everyone expected. What motivated you to come back so soon?

John Cena: I just don’t like [being out]. I really like the job and it comes with ups and downs and I know not necessarily everyone at my job loves me but that shouldn’t sour me from my place of employment. I’ve truly found a home in the WWE and when I’m not there all I want to do is be there. I think that helped me get back really soon because everything I did was focused on getting back sooner and sooner.

Marvel.com: Tickets for WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans are going on sale Saturday, November 16. In a perfect world, what do you want to be doing at the upcoming WrestleMania?

John Cena: Honestly, I like seeing how WrestleMania unfolds. I’ve had different matches over the years. I’ve been scattered throughout the menu. But looking back at all my WrestleMania performances, the fact is that I was there and I really enjoy seeing what’s going to happen. I was a part of WrestleMania XX and if you look at the timeline from XX until now, XX pretty much laid the foundation of the people who are truly the driving force of the company right now. So who’s to say what’s going to happen at [WrestleMania] XXX? I really just want to be able to find out. First of all, I’m glad that tickets are going on sale on the 16th because that makes the event very [real]. And then I just want to be able to see where I can be, what I can do, and how this whole thing is going to shake up.

Captain America

Marvel.com: Speaking of WrestleMania, we spoke to you this past year in New York and you mentioned you were a Captain America fan. What do you like about Cap?

John Cena: Keep in mind that when I say I’m a Captain America fan, I’m going by the movies. I’m not much of a comic book reader so excuse my ignorance; I don’t want to offend any of your devout fans out there. How they presented Captain America in the movie, I shared parallels. This is a guy who all he wanted to do was just get in and go. Get put on the field and go. And when he was put in a diplomatic role, like, wear the suit and go out and say the war is good; he was like, “No. I want to get in there and fight.” And I really, truly liked that. I’m a bit of World War II buff so I liked how they, in a comic book sort of way, accentuated World War II and that conflict. I really enjoyed that movie so that’s why I would say Captain America.

Marvel.com: Captain America is the leader of the Avengers. If you were in charge of a team as volatile, what would you do to motivate them and keep them in line?

John Cena: I would tell that team we’re on live television every Monday and Friday night and I would call it the WWE because that is exactly what’s going. That is honestly, the world of fiction [running] very parallel to the world of WWE. It’s uncanny.

John Cena (photo courtesy of WWE)

Marvel.com: In a lot of people’s eyes it seems like you already have super powers. If you could have one more in life or in the ring, what would it be?

John Cena: Man, honestly I hope for the power of invisibility. I say, “You can’t see me” all the time so I kind of half-ass answered that. Maybe cloning? That way I can get myself to more places at once. I truly like being able to be in the ring and I know WWE tours with two brands and now that I’m back I’m trying to make every brand, every show. So if there was just one more of me, I’d be able to make it everywhere at once.

Follow @JohnCena on Twitter and visit WWE.com for more information!



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