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Digital Comics Creator Spotlight: Stuart Moore

Cable wasn't the first X-Man with a baby strapped to him...



Every week, we'll tap one creator to browse Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and pick their favorite issue they've worked on from the expansive catalog. This week: writer Stuart Moore.


"My favorite Marvel issue would have to be WOLVERINE #41, "The Package," which I did in collaboration with artist C.P. Smith. The story, where Logan has to escape from a hostile African nation with a baby strapped to him, was lots of fun to write—just pure, nonstop Wolverine action showcasing both the brutal and tender sides of his personality. And C.P.'s art raised it to a whole other level—the result is both realistic and graphically innovative. The story is collected in WOLVERINE: BLOOD AND SORROW, but it's nice to see it available for a single click."
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