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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Young Avengers

Read up on the individual adventures of Noh-Varr, Prodigy, Hulkling, Hawkeye and Loki!

By Ben Chabala

This week Unlimited Highlights brings you five issues focused on the Young Avengers. As the team draws closer to their epic final showdown with Mother in YOUNG AVENGERS #13 and #14, out in December, we want to make sure you’ve got the skinny on the major players involved.

MARVEL BOY (2000) #1

After crossing billions of parallel universes, Noh-Varr and his crew crash land on Earth, shot down by the infamous Doctor Midas. The gold-transmuting mogul captures the Kree warrior, unaware of the boy’s true power. Deep beneath the ground Midas and his minions torture Noh-Varr, hoping to learn the secrets of his ship and its cosmic ray-powered engines. However should the alien escape Midas’ clutches, his incredible abilities could lay waste to all the megalomaniac’s carefully concocted plans.

NEW X-MEN (2004) #10

David Alleyne leeches knowledge from the people nearest him, but only temporarily. When they leave, the smarts disappear with them. What would happen if Prodigy remembered it all? He could siphon the combined genius of the world’s greatest minds into his own head. He could bring an end to poverty, hunger, and illness. But with great knowledge comes great responsibility. Can David handle that much brainpower?

Teddy Altman never truly knew his parents, the Kree warrior Mar-Vell and the Skrull Princess Anelle. Instead his mother’s nursemaid raised him on Earth, until the Super-Skrull killed her and revealed Hulkling’s heritage. But somehow Mar-Vell has returned, and Teddy wants to meet him. Will the father and son get in some wholesome bonding time before Captain Marvel disappears again?


A date gone wrong pits Kate Bishop against Earth’s Mightiest Archer, the original Hawkeye. Kate took his codename and his bow, and Clint Barton wants to make sure she doesn’t sully his good reputation. The master marksman challenges her to a shootout; the winner keeps the bow and the mantle. Does Kate have what it takes to remain the Young Avenger’s resident Hawkeye?


Loki died in a final last-ditch effort against The Void amidst the ruins of Asgard. Now the God of Mischief finds himself resurrected into a much younger incarnation. Does the God of Mischief’s millennium’s old malice live on, or has the trickster turned over a new leaf? One thing’s for sure, nobody trusts him, and if he wants to prove himself a hero, he needs to put in some serious work.

Read more YOUNG AVENGERS on Marvel Unlimited!

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