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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: X-23

The clone of Wolverine attempts to deal with the aftermath of Avengers Arena.

By Tim Stevens

Laura Kinney is an adolescent female who appears to be of average to above average physical fitness. She presents as composed to the point of lacking affect most of the time. However, when her emotions become too much for her to process, she is prone to wild displays of temper that involve the destruction of property and can often prove dangerous to those around her and, indeed, herself. Due to the circumstances of her early childhood, she speaks what can best be described as "nearly flawless English" and therefore might often be considered to be of a very high degree of intelligence. While she is undoubtedly of above average intellect, it is important that her academic abilities be viewed accurately and not assumed purely on the basis of her rather unique speech patterns.

It is important to note, from the outset, that the client is a clone of the X-Man and Avenger Wolverine with whom she shares a tenuous ill-defined relationship.

In her earlier work with this writer, the client received a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder as owed to her being raised in an emotionally invalidating environment (a lab designed to breed perfect killers where her mother figure was unable to truly show Kinney love), an inability to understand and interpret her own emotions or the emotions of others with accuracy, volatile, often violent, reactions to high emotions, and a history of bad decision making regarding who to attach to. She had made tremendous progress, however, while working in our Dialectical Behavior Therapy groups before terminating her relationship with this office.

She has, over the years, associated with the mutant rights group the X-Men and a paramilitary offshoot known as X-Force, and attended the so-called Avengers Academy operating out of California. It is most likely these activities that led to her being targeted by a criminal known as Arcade who forced her to compete in something he called “Murder World,” a sort of gladiator games for teens with super powers, seemingly done purely for Arcade’s own amusement.

Understandably, there are concerns that this was a tremendously traumatic event for the client, hence the reason for this evaluation. Given Kinney’s typical presentation, it is difficult to assess in one session how the event has affected her, but this writer does feel comfortable in reporting that she did display at least some signs of being traumatized and that her reaction set would suggest some regressions in coping mechanisms.

That said she did still display some signs of being more psychologically healthy than the last time she started working with us. She was able to access some coping skills not connected to isolating or being violent when prompted and she engaged this writer in a way that suggested some level of comfort.

This writer cannot stress enough the need for the client to be connected with therapy on an ongoing basis, at least in the short-term. Her prior trauma history might prove an inoculation against this own, making her better able to process and move past it. However, most research suggests those with childhoods anywhere near like Kinney’s are more susceptible to being activated by further disturbances, not less. Given her abilities and propensity to violence, to not have her involved in active therapy is an act of negligence on the part of those who are currently caring for her at the X-Men organization.

Laura Kinney’s next session will be December 15 with Doctors Brian Michael Bendis, Mahmud Asrar and Brandon Peterson. Please review and consider their assessment in ALL-NEW X-MEN #20 in full at that time.

Psy D. Candidate Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Psychology intern at a small(ish) university in New York City.



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