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Fightin' Fanboys

Fightin' Fanboys: Cody Rhodes

One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions talks Survivor Series, Infinity, X-Men and much more!

Cody Rhodes (photo courtesy of WWE)

By Ben Morse 

While Survivor Series may no longer be the Thanksgiving tradition it started out as back in 1987, Cody Rhodes will still be spending this Sunday’s latest installment of the classic WWE pay-per-view with family—they’ll just be looking to kick some ass instead of eating turkey.

A co-holder of the WWE Tag Team titles with his brother Goldust, Cody will also ally with Rey Mysterio and the Usos in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match against the Shield and the Real Americans. We talked to one of our favorite Fightin’ Fanboys about the showdown, as well as where he sees his career headed, how he’s enjoying INFINITY, what he thinks of the All-New X-Men and much more.

Marvel.com: You’re once again a WWE Tag Team Champion, not for the first time in your career, but for the first time with your brother, Goldust. How has this run been different from the others?

Cody Rhodes: I talked to some people this morning who talked to me last year around WrestleMania and I think they’re as shocked as I am to say, as it is for me to hear, to be one half of the Tag Team Champions with [my] brother Goldust. He’s 44-years old and in the best shape of his career. He didn’t even work for WWE when we started heading in this direction so it’s been a wave of surprise after surprise. It’s excellent. It’s a very happy time in my career and I’m not easily satisfied with what I do. I’m always trying to climb that ladder and this is one of the few times that I’ve looked around, surveyed the landscape, and been pretty happy.

Cody Rhodes (photo courtesy of WWE)

Marvel.com: That’s interesting because that plays into what I was going to ask next. You guys are on top of the tag team division right now, but obviously, you are a guy who’s excelled in singles competition. Is the tag thing something you want to do for a while, just enjoy it until it runs out, or are you in a way itching to get back to the singles stuff. 

Cody Rhodes: I was talking with Christian, of all people, the other day. I guess he’s been a Tag Team champion like 10 times. Edge was a Tag Team Champion [like] 12 times. I’m at five now and I feel it’s pretty early in my career. I was actually pretty relieved when I heard Edge’s statistics specifically, because I don’t want to be considered a tag team guy. But I do have lots of time left in my career and if there was ever a tag team I want to be remembered for, it would be the one I’m currently in with my own brother. I think it’s two individuals who are thinking collectively, is what is. Goldust is his own character and has his own idiosyncrasies and quirks and things that he’s going to try to beam across the television set and I will as well. It’s competitive in a healthy way; it’s just a cool opportunity. I’m currently not, to answer your question, itching to get back into the singles world.

Marvel.com: On Sunday, you guys are in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match, five on five. Are you looking forward to that? You’ve been in a couple of these.

Cody Rhodes: I’ve been a survivor twice. Both times I ended up like taking a bullet at the end of the match, one for Wade Barrett and one for Randy Orton. So this is a match I think I’ve got good experience in. It’s the match that’s the cornerstone of the pay-per-view. I think some people still remember the Thanksgiving classic that is the Survivor Series with these awesome pairings and “Mean” Gene [Okerlund] would interview all these colorful characters together. That still exists. It’s still the beating heart of that Survivor Series match. You have the polar opposites of the Shield and the Real Americans on one side. You have a character as ridiculous as Goldust, myself, you have the Usos who are also two brothers and you have Rey Mysterio. That’s what I like, the collection. I’ll tell you flat out, it’ll steal the show. There are excellent matches on there, Alberto [Del Rio] and [John] Cena, there’s Randy [Orton] and Big Show. But no match is going to come close to this and those guys can deal with that. It’s the Survivor Series match. I’m very excited about it.

Cody Rhodes (photo courtesy of WWE)

Marvel.com: The thing I miss is you don’t have team names anymore. Those were awesome.

Cody Rhodes: Yes. I’m sure my brother, in his infinite wisdom—you know he has 70,000 tweets—he’ll probably tweet six or seven team names for fans to jump on board.

Marvel.com: What would you name the team, would you go with something comics themed?

Cody Rhodes: No. I would probably name it, “Cody Rhodes’ Team.”

Marvel.com: Yeah, “Team Cody Rhodes,” or “Cody Rhodes’ Team.” Either one.

Cody Rhodes: Or the “Rhodes Army.” It would be really egocentric, whatever I choose to name it.

Marvel.com: The last guy on the team, Rey Mysterio, is somebody you have wrestled at WrestleMania and had a great feud with. You guys have done some great stuff together in the past; is this the first time you’ve gotten to team together?

Cody Rhodes: It’s the first time I’ve looked at Rey across the ring and smiled. When he came back this [past] Monday, I’m glad they shut the cameras off early because I said out loud, I went to shake his hand, “You son of a [expletive].” I didn’t mean it in a negative way. I’ve got such a respect for Rey. That was the point in my career where I broke out. If I ever get a documentary of my career and say what the point was where things changed for me, it was Rey Mysterio. It was really a privilege to be a part of WrestleMania with him. I’m still a fan of Rey. I grew up watching Rey. I know he doesn’t like to hear that. I’m a fan of Rey and [he] and I are good friends now. We both bought huskies at the same time. I’m glad to see him return in the fashion that he’s returned because he has a lot left to give. 


Marvel.com: On the comics side of things, when we do these interviews, we’ve got some people who are casual fans, some are into the movies, but I would say you’re definitely in contention as most legit comics guy we talk to on the WWE side of things. So obviously I’m very curious what Marvel titles you’ve been enjoying. We’ve put out a lot of new stuff in the last year. It’s been a year since Marvel NOW! started. I know you’re a big X-Men guy but have you been trying new stuff?

Cody Rhodes: I’m looking at my app right now to see exactly where I’m reading. Probably the thing right now that has peaked my interest the most is INFINITY. Because I love Black Bolt and it’s really cool to see the Illuminati in the position that they’re in and who’s really, at their core, morally good. It’s such a corrupt hierarchy, even on the babyface side in the Marvel world. That I currently enjoy a lot. Plus, with the film, when “Avengers” came out, I was standing up at the Studio Movie Grill in Buckhead yelling, “It’s Thanos! It’s Thanos!” and everyone was just staring at me. I embarrassed the little crew I came with so I’m excited to learn more because I went back and you can read INFINITY GAUNTLET and stuff like that but it’s like watching an old movie. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for it so I like the current stuff and catching people up to speed with him.

I think the current [GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY] is so well written. I would say it’s probably, if I’m going to take the time on the plane to read it, it’s probably the second or third thing I’ll read. That expanded universe was really, no pun intended, alien to me. And now I’m not as intimidated by it. The old me, I used to only crack the surface with the Silver Surfer and Galactus. That was as far as I could delve into it. But now I feel like I’ve missed a lot actually as far as what’s out there cosmic wise. Plus, when I was kid, I was massive Kree/Skrull [fan]. I could name everybody. Now I’m having trouble naming who’s who so it’s cool to get back out into the space realm of the Marvel Universe.

All-New X-Men

Marvel.com: I gotta ask you, as an X-Men guy, a year into having the original team back in the present, how do you feel about that?

Cody Rhodes: I’m not gonna name names but one thing that’s frustrated me about another comic entity is when they start from scratch.

Marvel.com: I think I’ve heard of them.

Cody Rhodes: I’ve learned to accept it and I’ve learned to live with it. But for me, I know that it’s impossible to have 30 or 40 years of history for a character that’s only supposed to be in his 30’s or late 20’s. I know that, but gosh. It makes for such good reading. So in that vein, I enjoy the crossover [between the original and current X-Men] a lot. I want to keep the history that these characters have together. I couldn’t imagine reading a panel with Wolverine and Cyclops if they didn’t have the issues that they have, if they hadn’t gone to war in the fashion they went to war. I need all that, that’s the underlying. I could care less about the mutant powers at this point. I like the character interactions and I’m enjoying it a lot. When I opened up my app to see what I read last, that was the thing that came up so I’m enjoying it.

Marvel.com: I did want to ask, because you’re a guy who has a good knowledge of the Marvel Universe, specifically some of the villains and some of the more obscure heroes, are there any, with all the new books we have coming out, who you dig and don’t think are getting enough love right now who you’d like to see brought back?


Cody Rhodes: That’s a really good question. A lot of the characters that I’m really into I can say they’re getting a lot of love right now. I can say certain characters I’d rather didn’t get as much love.

Marvel.com: Interesting.

Cody Rhodes: Archangel’s a great example. I always wanted to know more and the guy deeper but now that he’s gotten some of the coverage that he’s gotten, I almost liked him as more of an auxiliary player. I’ll say more than anything, a character that I want to see more of, I pray for, is Apocalypse. I’d like him to be more thoroughly explained to me, he always is, but Apocalypse is one that I am currently missing.

I think I’m pretty satisfied with my Marvel reading. I get really frustrated when Captain America is as respected and listened to as he is considering he’s talking to people who can split planets in half and he cannot but for some reason he has a legitimate military rank on these people. But it’s great, I don’t dislike Captain America but I’ve always wondered why half these people listen to him always.

Follow Cody on Twitter @CodyRhodesWWE and tune into Survivor Series this Sunday on pay-per-view. Learn more at WWE.com!

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