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All-New Marvel NOW!

Understanding Black Widow Pt. 2

Nathan Edmondson details a new friend for Natasha and sings the praises of artist Phil Noto!

Black Widow #1 preview art by Phil Noto

By Tim O’Shea

Nathan Edmondson cannot contain his enthusiasm for his All New Marvel NOW! ongoing series BLACK WIDOW. In the final installment of this two-part interview, Edmondson shines light on the hero’s operations in the shadows of the Marvel Universe and credits artist Phil Noto’s commitment to the series for amplifying the energy.

Marvel.com: The demands of her job would test some people's sanity. How does Natasha not lose her way? What does she do to blow off some steam and can someone like her have fun?

Nathan Edmondson: A glass of wine and talking to herself seems to help. Natasha is a very smart and very capable girl, and she’s driven; the greater danger she faces is not losing her mind in it all, but discerning friend from foe poorly and killing the wrong person. There are lots of blurred lines and gray areas in espionage and shadow warfare, even to the most well-intentioned.

Black Widow #1 preview art by Phil Noto

Marvel.com: What kind of qualities does Natasha look for in hiring an attorney like Isaiah, a new member of her supporting cast?

Nathan Edmondson: Beyond everything she needs someone she can trust implicitly and who is absolutely discrete. She needs someone stronger than she is in many ways. Isaiah is more than an attorney, he’s her devil’s advocate and moral support; he will keep her honest and he is capable where she is not. The last part tells us something very important about her, too: a true warrior, she’s not blind to her own weaknesses, but she does her best to manage them. 

Marvel.com: How challenging is it to make a character sympathetic when because of her circumstances, she has to be a stone-cold killer in order to survive?

Black Widow #1 preview art by Phil Noto

Nathan Edmondson: I think we answer that in issue #1, partly in the final three pages, partly earlier on. I’ll leave it to the reader to discover.

Marvel.com: You would be hard pressed to find an artist who is a bigger Black Widow fan than Phil Noto. How does teaming with Phil make this project, which is already a natural fit for a writer like yourself, even more enjoyable?

Nathan Edmondson: I don’t know of a more ideal working scenario here. Phil is an incredible guy—he’s talented and easygoing and sharp and witty and thoughtful—which makes the personal side of the collaboration ideal and enjoyable. He’s also insanely, wonderfully talented, and his talents lend themselves perfectly to this book. So whatever energy I come to each issue with, it’s amplified, magnified when he puts pencil to paper, though often he’s leading the way with sketches, covers and concepts.

Check out our All-New Marvel NOW! event page for the latest news and more, and get ready for BLACK WIDOW #1 coming January 8!



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