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Track Will Sliney to Superior Spider-Man Team-Up

Follow the decades-long journey of one artist to drawing the wall-crawler and see his depictions from age five onward!

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #8 cover by Paolo Rivera

By Brett White

Will Sliney has been a Spider-Man fan for a long time.

Like many devoted Marvelites out there, Sliney has been drawing the character for almost as long as he's been able to put pencil to paper. So when SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #8 hits on December 18, it's more than the next pulse-pounding adventure of the superior Spidey, it's the culmination of a decades-long dream for Sliney. For the first time, the Marvel fan-turned-pro will be in charge of every one of the wall-crawler's webs.

“I have a very vivid memory of my 12th birthday," Sliney recalls. “The 90’s Spider-Man cartoon was in full swing—pun intended—and was my only must watch program. I asked for a toy of Spider-Man and Venom and distinctly remember telling myself that I was probably too old for action figures, but these ones were really cool. The funny thing is that the interest never left and I never stopped drawing him.”

Sliney's got the illustrations to back up that claim, too, and he's graciously shared them with us. Check out the pics below, along with commentary from Sliney himself, to follow his amazing, sensational, and spectacular journey from Saturday morning devotee to SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP artist!

Age 5

“I’m going to hold my hand up for this one. I’m fairly sure I had a lot of help with this one. In fact I have no memory of it at all. But then you have to let me off, I was five years old, I think!”

Age 10

“Being from Ireland, I didn’t have much access to regular comics when I was younger, but what I did have was annuals—hardback comics that were brought out once a year, and usually came as a Christmas present. The best thing about them was that they often came with drawing tasks. Fun fact: I wore glasses as a kid, until at the age of 10 my eyesight improved. At that age I was quietly confident that Spider-Powers were soon to follow.”

Age 12

“This is some sort of a Wolverine/Spider-Man amalgamation, one that definitely was inspired by the X-Men and Spidey cartoon shows. I was obsessed with them as a kid.”

Age 13-14

"With my teens came access to reprints of Marvel comics. I was thrown in the deep end of the Clone Saga and I used to spend my time redrawing the comics…”

Age 15

“…Until, at 15 I realized that you need to push yourself and start drawing your own images.”

Age 17

“I was pretty close to Peter Parker's age when ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN came out and, like 99 percent of its readers, I related immensely with the character. I took out a subscription to the series and had them mailed over from the states. Finally, at that age, after getting my hands on my first proper comic book, I figured out that I wanted to pursue a career in comics. This was one of my first attempts at a comic book page.”

Age 18

“Yup, I painted Spider-Man on my bedroom wall. It's still in that room, all these years later. It’s modeled after one of [ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN artist] Mark Bagley’s covers.”

Age 20

“One of the first sample pages I sent to Marvel was from a Spider-Man/Mr. Hyde sample script that every artist at the time was trying.”

See Will Sliney’s dream come to fruition in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP #8, written by Chris Yost, out December 18



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